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Warning - Few banks may collapse in Europe, I predict rise of Japan and fall of EURO-ZONE. Watch China and India

Dear Members,


The financial market reacted within minutes after news broke-out about the credit problem, spreading like a wild fire with analysts giving tons of interviews and issuing letters. Everyone suddenly started talking; each giving different views about the situation, but all expressing deep worries as though the world will end tomorrow. For me it was quite surprising to see how abruptly people can become negative about everything in just one day. The stock markets started looking ugly with everybody wondering where to invest and in what currencies.


The question is, Ďwhy does everybody think that the dollar will collapse and all other currencies go up.í Can someone really give a valid reason why European currencies will go up? As a financial astrologer, I see more problems in Europe than the USA and there is therefore no reason for me to recommend buying European currencies at this stage. Indeed, those recommending selling the USA DOLLAR are probably powerful people who like to accumulate dollar. Second thought comes to my mind about gold lovers who are committing a big mistake by giving reason that weak dollar is good for gold. I donít agree because I see gold is moving up due to its own reasons and will continue to do so in long run because of many other hidden factors. Personally, I want my predictions to be based purely on astrology rather than on false attraction. I could get many more subscribers if decided to be positively writing about metals everyday, but I donít wish to delude myself. I shall continue to write what I see and it doesnít matter whether I come right or wrong.


Around forty percent of my members who read my newsletter are from the metal community and they psychologically feel uncomfortable with my prediction of the dollarís rise. However, my theory of the metals rise is not based on the fall of the dollar. It was merely a coincidence that the prediction about the dollarís fall came at the same time in 2001 as the long term cycle of the metalís rise.


We should always expect periodic uncertainty in the market, and Venus plays a key role in this uncertainty. Planet Venus is going to remain in a negative direction for another three weeks, therefore trade with expectations of huge rises and falls in any market: it could be the currency market, stock market or commodity market.


I have alluded to a negative period in Europe within the preceding paragraphs, and indeed I see a negative period which will remain for two years. One should therefore tread cautiously with your investment in the Euro zone. I recommend that you withdraw a part of your funds from the European market and invest it in other currencies or markets that will be beneficial for the next 36 months. I see at least two major banks will come under threat of closing down like what happen in Japan after 1987.


A few months back I mentioned about the real estate market, and I strongly warn those who are highly invested in real estate especially in Europe to beware as property prices in Europe could fall around 30 percent in the next two years.


On other hand I see Japan to rise so once again here what I mentioned for Japan during last week newsletter:



Japan has a unique relationship with Saturn, and Japan is the son or a part of Saturn. We all know that Saturn is the most unique and powerful planet and it becomes quite crazy once it comes to power. In the nineties, the Japanese stock market created history and created many billionaires, but a crash afterwards also brought down a lot of them.

Japan is a small country but it has its own power. After the nuclear bombings, no one thought that the country would recover, but it proved the skeptics wrong by making a full recovery that surprised the world. Today, proof of how fast the Japanese people have recovered is abundant, as demonstrated by becoming the second largest economy in the world.

Japan has been suffering from an uncertain Astro-cycle problem since the last three hundred years, but I now have great news for Japan. I see Japan dominating the world after 2010, and we will be able to see some sign after 4 January 2008. The most interesting era for Japan and the Japanese economy will start from 15 September 2007. I see the Nikkei stock market rising again and it should touch around 30000 in the next eighteen months. The Japanese currency, the Yen will also gain value against all major currencies for the next two years.

A property market boom will start again and the overall outlook is great. However, I also have some negative news as well:

There will be an earth quake between 10 November to 16 December 2007 and political uncertainty in February 2008. The positive cycle of Saturn will remain till 2017 and Japan should therefore be the next destination for investors.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma