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Very interesting time cycle is starting for market and commodities...small part of weekly newsletter 11-15 October...

Weekly Newsletter from 11 to 15 Oct     

Final week to accumulate on weakness…earning session is starting


Dear Members,   

Last week the market acted well and closed around the higher side but surely JOB numbers created some concerns on Friday. On the other hand the negative astro cycle is ending on the 11th of October and major negativity is ending on the 21st of October as per our book “2021 Financial Prophecies”. On Monday the Scorpio Moon will end after the opening of the European markets which is good news, but overall on Monday the markets will remain uncertain. Market to form a perfect bottom by the 21st of October and from there an upwards move will start. As per our predictions S&P held 4271 and NASDAQ 14441 which is also great news.

Lately tech stocks have been struggling for the last one month, but we believe that they are consolidating during the negative astro cycle which is good news.

Many are concerned about the job market, rates, tapering, and many are worried about China. Some are worried growth, Inflation, and the China-Taiwan issue. Let me tell you there won’t be a single day without worries about something or the other, and I never pay much attention to these concerns if the astro time cycle is good overall.

I am surely watching crypto and trying to understand the future role of crypto in the financial market. Slowly crypto is become almost a one trillion market cap so we need to watch because it is becoming a part of many investors and hedge funds portfolio. Investors made a fortune, and many new people are entering Crypto. Old and conservative investors believed in gold but now the young started believing in Crypto. The fact is that Gold surely underperformed against Crypto which is also a concerning sign for metal investors as day by day many metal investors have started buying Crypto. We already stated that Crypto will be safe to bet after 2025/26 but there is no doubt at this stage the crypto market is growing rapidly.

At this stage two favorite metals (gold and silver) have been struggling but their era is on the way. From 2022 April onwards no negative power on this planet can stop these metals to rise. Yes, get ready to start building up big physical positions in both these precious metals. I will be ignoring the short-term trend but will be focusing on medium to longer term bet on precious metals.

Inflation is another word that is making echoes in every investment house and analyst’s minds. There is no doubt that prices of everything are moving higher from wages, transport, to raw material. Basic commodity prices haven’t moved that much compared to 2008, but other costs are rising. Wage inflation is a concerning issue in the developed world, but in emerging world but we need to remember that the growth story which is pushing all the markets higher is from the developed world, not from the emerging markets, so if challenges rise in developed countries, then surely concerns will rise further about the markets future trend.

One good news is that in the short to medium term we don’t see major one side movement in the currency market so this will keep things in balance without going in either direction. Surely in the longer-term dollar will dominate once the EU starts having issues, and one by one the countries that are in the EURO ZONE. We already mentioned that the China and Euro zone problem will hit the world at the same time within the next six years which will destroy whole the financial system and financial market so get ready for the destruction period, but until then enjoy most the amazing ride, keep making money, and keep saving as the party will end very badly. In 2007 I was screaming about a great crash in the housing market as well as the financial markets, but people were too busy making money, and very few were listening. Those who were listening saved themselves from a huge mess, and many made a fortune by going against the housing and stock markets.

Twice in the last 30 Years I was negative, in 2000 and 2007-8, now after 2026 once again nature will test the strength of the global financial system and monetary policies. 

Let’s focus on the short term at this stage, surely one week is pending before a smooth period starts, the Scorpio moon will end on Monday during the European market session, and on the 11th of October Saturn will move its direction from retro. On the 18th of October Jupiter and Mercury will change directions which is very positive news for investors. We will feel a big relief from 11 October for markets and the 19th of October so get ready to trade actively after this week and follow our stock report for the earning season so watch our daily stock report of earning predictions.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma