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Today's Trade & News

Very important first part of this weeks weekly newsletter from 15-19 June...

Dear Members,

Monday buying in S&P at 2925 and NASDAQ 9337 proven most amazing trade we predicted strong rebound in S&P and NASDAQ Monday in USA trading sessions. We predicted in weekly letter that Monday Morning in Asian and European market we see negative trend. Tuesday we expected big rebound in global equity markets. Must read our complete weekly newsletter of this week Index sections and great amount of money could be made in some aggressive trading. 

I just received email once again from one of our members from India saying that a few people are stealing our work (there are three people one from Indore, West Bengal and Chennai).

There are few fraud people in India who are copying our work and publishing on their website. What they do is so shameful and disgusting. They sell their morals and cheat people by selling our predictions. Why don’t they work hard and create their own theory?

They don’t have any knowledge of USA market and stocks, they don’t know even companies fundamentals but they steal the list of stocks that we recommend, they write the dates and levels that we predict about Indexes and then try to sell services. They are basically illiterate people and they steal information’s from google and represent that they are publishing so be aware of these kind of bad people.  

I work hard from day to night so I can write these letters to give investors the right directions and this is the reason I felt some pain today but anyways, nature and Karma is watching.

Here is a small part of this week’s newsletter from 15-19 June 2020:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma