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Today's Trade & News

Tuesday update, avoid trading on Thursday and Friday...

Dear Members,
Gold traded weak on Monday as expected as per this week newsletter, and rest of metals remained sideways except Silver. We sees gold prices coming down to $933 either on Tuesday or Wednesday. Silver and copper will remain weak as well. Avoid metal stocks from here, HUI and XAU will move down sharply.
Late Thursday we see some recovery in metals and energy. Also we mentioned in newsletter that Dollar would gain until Wednesday and bit weak trend will come on later Thursday. 
We are predicting oil to fall upto $68.80 during this week, so stay short in energy. Natural has bottom out so one can start accumulate gas from Thursday.
Grains to remain weak but corn and wheat is very close to bottom out. This week Friday one can take small position in grains.
Stock market should trade weak if they want to move up in future coming time. We mentioned that there will be sharp correction in all market from Tuesday so lets see, if corrections come or then market will keep moving higher until end of September. One side of coin says 32000 in four years and otherside says 5500 in November, If market doesn't want to go to 5500 and they should start moving down from today.   
This week we are very much optimism for US Dollar, it should bottom out around around 78 so accumulate slowly. Time is coming for old relation to take re-birth again and that will be "rising USA stock and USA Economy will force USD dollar on upside".
Soft xcommodities will fall sharply from here so avoid 100%.
Many are worried about deflationary scenario which can create problem in commodity market but reason will be different for weakness of commodities. Many followers should watch next one month closely because next one month will give brief outlook of the next five year. Volatility to dominate all market until 9/9/9 so one should go in and out quickly from trades but after 9/9/9 we will hold position for medium and longer term.
Best trade of Tuesday:
Sell copper, Gold
Sell Australian dollar and British Pound
Our call to stay away from coffee and sugar is still on, coffee can make new lows
One should out 100% from stock market, watch THPW, FRG and Swine flu BCRX 
Buy SMN $12.15 and FAZ at $23.35.
Thursday and Friday are negative astro days so avoid because whatever decision you make in trading will go wrong.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Tuesday 6.00 AM New York