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Today's Trade & News

Today Moon is bad but still, be ready for gold to trade above $400 and my book.....

Dear Friends,

Gold will trade any time now above $400 after Today because today morning I have just notice that "Today 24th November again negative Moon will confuse everybody, So avoid all important financial decisions in market. Tomorrow will be best day to take decisions".

Last week on Friday I said Friday or Monday gold to do $400 mark but not did. Don't worry we are just there.


Thanks & God Bless

The book will go for printing on 29th November. I believe this book is worth a million dollars, I am not saying this because I am the author but when I was reading the final proof, it even suprised me on world financial market predictions, all major commodities including grain, metal, soft, oil and all currenies as well as all major stock market.

I am sure that "2004 World & Financial Prophesies" will be a great gift for your close friends or for your clients. I will feel honoured if you chose my book as X-MAS present.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma