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Today's Trade & News

To everyone - I am still warning for Friday so watch currencies and commodities..

Dear Members,
I have received many emails about my health, and I thank you for your concern. I have now recovered.
Here is Friday's update according to planetary movement:
Mercury predicted a sharp fall in metals during this week, and it happened. They had a fall of four percent as predicted, and on Thursday they recovered from low but are still trading in a dangerous zone. I do not discard the possibility of a further fall in metals on Friday after the New York market opens.
Platinum has gone down from $1288 to $1110 in the last ten days, there is still some pending downward movement. Copper may try to stabilize on Friday but amm metals shoudl remain in a weak trend.
The stock market will remain sideway or a little weak on Friday, but cover your short position two hours before closing in New York as next week the market should sharply rise.
Oil should trade a bit positively or sideway on opening but I don't see it holding up gains. We are not trading oil and neither do we recommend you to do it. When something is in a zone of 'no gravity', then it is a waste of time to trade that market. One could also unnecessarily block money into that market. In the next week we shall trade oil, so wait for my newsletter.
We all nicely traded grains during this week, Grains are in a short-term bear market, and they should sharply fall on Friday. Trade accordingly.
The dollar is trying to stabilize. We will buy on Friday in New York and recommend selling the Pound and Australian dollar on any rise, as they are not very far from a major fall. Watch this prediction. The Canadian dollar has lost steam and has been trading weakly, which it should indeed continue to be.

Once again, I would like to remind you what I mentioned in this week's newletter because I still see negativity for commodities:



I have decided to give an important message before I write the weekly prediction for each commodity: This week will be very negative for almost all commodities and I therefore recommend that you get all position from commodities like metals, grains, energy and soft. Donít add or buy any contract in commodities during the next.... Book profit.


We recommended selling the CRB Index - Very high leverage. The CRB Index came down from $412 to $399. One contract selling made 140% return. 


Good Luck and have a happy weekend.
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra, Thursday 7.00PM