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To all members and visitors; toward to new path

To all members and visitors; toward to new path

Dear Visitors/Members,

In this section, I will continuously post my predictions on financial markets and world events but also I add new subject of spirituality, whatever I know about it. My new book "Upset God" is on this subject will be published by end of this year.

I must share the knowledge on spirituality which I gained from my grandfather and Guru.

We must know ourselves, who are we, what we must do for harmony and peace. I also intend to divert slightly from the usual path of financial and world predictions toward the aforementioned topic of spirituality. After gaining financially, we always try to make more, we are never satisfied. We try to put another bet to gain more. Why? this is human nature and I want you to go beyond this level, where we feel happy, satisfied and peaceful.  

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma