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Dear friends,

Below newsletter and alert news which I sent to my members, I hope you can now see why my newsletter is expensive.


Dear Members,

I'd like to proffer my sincere apologies because many members have not received this week's newsletter. I am taking a very major decision of my life, which I will announce in two week's time. I have already got the permission and blessings of my parents, guru and East Dev. 


As I mentioned previously, all my members will soon be provided with a user name and password with which they can log in every Sunday and read the newsletter online. At the same time, I shall also be sending the newsletter via email. In future, I am planning to serve you in the best way possible so please bear with me for a few more days.


I was expecting nine negative days for metals from next week but it looks as though the weak period has already commenced during this week. However, this is surely going to end on 30th July and I can assure you that gold and silver are on the final downward move before they begin a very strong rise for the next 16 to 18 months.


Those who want accumulate metals and metal stocks can slowly start now while those who bought at around the 400 level can hold. Don't book profit too fast because metals will soon be rising without much downward trend.


In grains, especially in Soy bean, there was a major crash as I have been expecting for three weeks.


My top favourites, that is silver, coffee and oil are on the right path and the stock markets are giving signs of what I saw a long while back and have been predicting since.


There are very interesting times coming ahead and we want to remain together but please don't forget the most needy in your exciting times. You shall receive next week's newsletter shortly in a few hours. Finally, I wish to proffer my sincere apologies once again in regard to this week's newsletter.


Thanks and God bless


Mahendra Sharma

22 July 2004



Dear Members,

I am enjoying rain of Mumbai, My all newsletters are edited by editor but this one he wonít able to do as I am in Mumbai, so you will receive this one with-out refine English.


Let see what this week says (19th July to 24th July):



From Friday or from early next week metal will start falling down or I can say they will remain directionless for next 9 days. Short term trader should take advantage of this uncertain trend by selling their holdings. I WILL GIVE YOU BUYING SINGLE IN NEXT NEWSLETTER.



First target of $6.68 fulfilled. Now I am waiting for silver to go around $7.20. Silver wonít fall that much compare to gold.



NOTE: Donít short Gold, silver and copper.



Both metals will trade with-out much movement.



Hold you position, donít short copper with gold and silver down trend.



Around the globe between 29, July to 10, August major down trend will start.



Major currencies will remain higher but one should buy US Dollar on or cover short position in US Dollar.



Donít trade in oil till 4 August as I see big volatility both side. Hardly anybody will gain this so those who are currently in profit should book profit.


Other Commodities:

Soon I will give buying single in wheat, corn and Soybean. (It was good call when I advised my members to sell Soybean at $1025, wheat at $395 and corn at $285)

Cotton will bottom out in three weeks. (Recommended to sell at $65)


Coffee Ė I am waiting for major rise any time and prices should cross $98.00.


World Events:

Next week worst time is starting for world peace. I will write on this in detail after reaching Nairobi.


Thanks & God Bless


18 July 2004