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Threat to planet and Mankind...article of 5th May 2009

Dear Friends,

Let me thank our long term client Bina who sent me an email with a link of something that I predicted 11 years ago which was very important for the world and she was very much concerned about this prediction and whether the current COVID-19 Coronavirus time is what I was talking about in 2009.

She wrote to me sayingHello Mahendra. On May 5, 2009 (exactly 11 yrs. ago) your newsletter was ‘Threat to Planet and Mankind’. Your prediction in the newsletter was correct as you stated the disaster would either come as a disease or meteor strike. I hope you keep up with predictions as that can greatly help in discovery of treatments and solutions. Just thought you may like to see this.

I was shocked as I forgot about what I stated back then but since today morning after receiving Bina’s email I started digging more in depth about this prophecy which I had made on 5th May 2009. I think current 50% members have been our subscribers since 2002 so they may find this 5th May 2009 predictions in their email.

I am scared as I was talking about 9 to 25% of the world population being wiped out so let me do an in-depth study on this. Also, I mentioned in this 2009 article that before this threat came Dow would be around 38000, people would be spending on expensive and lavish lifestyles, and they would not be worried at all but then in one day everything would change.

After reading my own article, one thing is for sure that I mentioned a disease or meteor hitting the planet toward the end of 2015/16. That period has passed but I need to understand whether I made an error reading planetary timing or not, so I have started my study on this from this morning. It may take me 48 hours to complete this study about whether I was talking about this current happening in the world or this was something different.

One thing is clear that I mentioned Dow hitting 38000, this bull market prediction was made on 26 February 2009 and we expected Dow 38000 or S&P 3200 by 2016 which never happened but S&P achieved 3200 in the end of 2019 and the Corona also started around the same time. I am just trying to resolve this puzzle of 2 May 2009 weekly letters, and a small part from this weekly newsletter was released on our website on 5, May 2009.

In our career two most important events happened, first one in July 1991, when I predicted “USSR to crumble and Disintegrate”, which happened after 72 hours, and second one 9th September 2001 I was with Bob Mabena Radio talk show on SABC, predicted extensive terror attack on USA, stating building would collapse. In the 2001/2 book I mentioned that Attack may initiate from Afghanistan. After 48 hours while still I was in South Africa, on 11 September 2001 an attack took place in the USA. This was the most horrible event which changed my life and I removed world events predictions from my daily predictions.

Article heading is “Threat to Planet and Mankind” published on 5 May 2009…

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

P.O. Box 2521, Santa Barbara, CA 93120