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Today's Trade & News

This week..USA calling troops back from Iraq...


Dear Members/Friends,


At this current stage investors are confused by very many issues like: -

  • The USA trade deficit
  • Stock market uncertainty
  • The impending rise in interest rates?
  • Housing market bubble; more rise or collapse? 
  • Currencies uncertainty and the question of real value
  • Higher oil prices and its impact
  • USA elections, Iraq war and falling metal prices etc.
  • What to do with money if one has cash or what decisions should be made at this point when things are not clear and one has already invested money in any sector.


Yes, I will presently come onto these points but first let me start with the good news concerning metal prices because I owe a lot (love and support) to the metal community and would like to give them the right path and guidance at this point. Metal prices have suffered quite heavily in the last 32 days even when oil prices were going up and the stock markets started trading in the zone of uncertainty. Economically, the USA is entering into a worst period and I hope that Greenspan and other key economists are aware of this. If however they don't know or are trying to ignore it, then I think that we are going into a most unfortunate economic melt down period and people's wealth (that is paper currencies that are factory made but not gold since it is part of nature) will be wiped-out. Soon gold will become the most powerful currency and finally the US$, the EURO and the POUND (paper currencies will lose the battle against Gold. In fact I will use a strong word and say that paper currencies will SURRENDER to gold. 


The astrological wave is indicating the way to go but if we chose to go against it then we shall be entering into a major crisis: Here is small note on what I see. 


All metals should rise (they are down because of external forces or the use of shorting gold on paper contract by key bank or authority with support of big trader. They can short gold because they don't care even if prices goes up because they can print more Dollar to short more gold on the trading floor or computer. They want to make sure that gold must stay down. They can keep  running a factory 24 hours and printing more and more - may that be the reason why paper prices are going up???????.......). But this is ending soon because they want go with wave, they want to hold the hand of gold and that is what Jupiter is indicating. Why upward trend will come read below statement.


Oil should rise (prices are rising). There must be some connection with the Iraq war and indeed that is why the war was started in the first place. I see biggest supply threat is coming from middle east.


If you read my 2002, 2003 and 2004 World and Financial prophecies, I have very clearly stated in the USA sections that the country can only survive if it is in control of both OIL and GOLD. I think that the USA is unfinished in the battle to control oil. Let us also see what they will do with gold.


Today my comments will surprise everybody. In my prophecy, I clearly discern that the reason behind the current downward trend in gold prices is neither speculative nor is it that people have lost faith in it. I see the commencement of a big game plan in gold instituted by the higher authority (may be Federal Reserve) in which they will play a key role. I see before they can start, they want to first throw out the common investor from the metal market. 


The oil prices rise of 2004 which I predicted last year is coming true. Therefore, the gold and silver prices rise is definitely on the way and I am 100% sure that I will soon pass this final test of my work.


Stock market – As you all know, my predictions on the USA and the world markets are very negative from the Middle of 2004 (you can find more details in my book) and this will bring about a major crisis in the BANKING AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS SECTOR. Next year many big ones may be forced to close down.


Housing Market – A major downward trend will soon start in the USA and EUROPEAN house markets. Many will decide to give back to banks and this will result in a major negative impact on the banking sector.


Currency Meltdown – Paper currency will lose its charm like the Zimbabwean Dollar did in the last four years, sliding from 8 to 5000 against a US Dollar. I see the same scenario unfolding for all key (including US$,  Euro, Pound) currencies against GOLD.


There will be a rise by Asian countries and Russia and they will adopt a negative attitude towards the super power and also strive to acquire oil and gold because they shall come to the realisation that their economies cannot be sustained without both these natural products. If you didn’t know, then you better be informed - Two years back I made the prediction that an oil war would be waged (USA-IRAQ) and that soon after this a great war for GOLD would begin and last 40 years.


I don’t want to write much more because I know that my English is not that good but I am sure Bill Murphy will better explain to you in further details on on 27th of May. This is because I am going to see him in Dallas on 27th MAY (any date change we will let you know) and we have plenty to discuss.


If you want to read in detail on all these areas you can go through my book "2004 World and Financial prophecies". 


Let us now see what this week says:



After undergoing a harmful phase in the last 40 days of uncertainty in middle-east and Iraq, I now see the start of a more positive and peaceful period for the world. The first good news I foresee and which will surprise many concerns the USA- it will start calling back its soldiers from Iraq.


Many people are asking what I see regarding India’s future after the election results because last year I saw and predicted the events unfolding currently. I predicted that Sonia Gandhi/Congress party would win and that Vajpayee would face defeat. Many of my friends warned me ‘MAHENDRA you are taking a big risk’ but my response was as always- that I only predict what I see. I never go along with the flow of the current trend or laws of probability. This is why I am predicting a great rise in metal prices though many are warning me that I am committing a big mistake. 


I see a smooth period for India and there is nothing to worry about. Relations with Pakistan will improve more.



After achieving success in one’s career, one should always start to search for her/himself. This can be achieved through meditation and good Karma because each day we are getting closer and closer to the final destination. We are powerless regarding this and have got no choice but to depart. Time will remain constant, always there and everything else will remain but we won’t be here. Know yourself therefore and enjoy life by way of good Karma, love and peace. Hate, war, anger and ego shall not result to any good but only serve to bring evil closer to you, your family, society and country.


Once again I exhort you to enjoy peace and love….



Thanks & God Bless