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Dear Friends,
This is small part on long term view from my this week newsletter but this is not weekly trend, for weekly trend you subscribe newsletter.

Astrology is a profound subject that reveals the intricate connections of the universe and nature with current and future phenomena. It has been tremendously exciting for me to study this remarkable subject and I feel especially fortunate and honoured to be involved in its research. So extensive is the subject that my entire lifetime would be inadequate to cover the whole of it. Indeed, even a million years would not avail enough time to fully understand the wave of nature. My subscribers or those who read my work may readily think that my work only involves taking a pen and paper and making a chart, after which I write my thoughts in the newsletter. That is not the case at all. I am not just out to make money from my subscription fee. I am working hard for the recognition of this subject by studying the invisible links and unravelling them for the greater benefit of mankind and the world.  I don't have sponsor for this research so for living I have to charge membership fee. Astrology flows with the wave of nature as it is part of nature and I wish to make it more meaningful by revealing how we can position ourselves in line with its flow. This is the aim and purpose of my life in seeking a better understanding of its connections.


I am sure that my followers will not mind a one week delay in gold predictions.


I am not only confident but also certain that gold will cross $468 during this year. If gold stays above $480 for 96 hours, attainment of the $564 mark will not be an impossible target in the next the 148 days.



In the 13th September newsletter, I stated the following in regard to SILVER: - ‘After doing a detailed study, I see that silver will remain around these prices for this week. It will however start rising from 20th September and cross the $7 mark thereafter. During this week it will trade between the range of $6.02 and $6.29’.

I still maintain that my prediction of silver trading between $12 and $14 will soon be fulfilled. 



Be extremely cautious with your investment in the market. I mentioned a very interesting point a few months back to the effect that many blue chip companies would announce negative news and that this would be a sign of the impending collapse of the stock market. Coca-Cola, Merck, Femmi and Intel have already indicated this sign but the real busting period is very near.


Many of my members are getting impatient because the market is moving around the same level and not collapsing. My friends, I am predicting a 5000 to 6000 point collapse of the market, a major occurrence for this century. It will affect the whole world and time has already started. You should now warn people and it is also time to save innocent investors’ money by shifting from paper currencies to a solid thing, which is gold. 


Please advise your close family members, friends or associates to have their money in metals for the world’s wealth to remain balanced otherwise the entire scenario will spiral out of control.


You may make a great deal of money in shorting the market in the next one year. But what is the point if the whole world is going to be in problems


SOUTH AFICAN MARKET: South African market hit new high during last week and thats what I predicted in my book, Still I beleive that this South African and Mexico will out perform in 2004.



We must be prayerful because I see some big natural disaster occurring in the USA in the next 9 days.


In next 48 hours I will announce on USA election result.


Just I was reading on of my previous newsletter and I decided to put here because long tern I hardly failed in my prediction. Thats what I beleive stock market will go down and metal will rise and they will reach out of common investor's.

Just few days’ prediction:

This was my newsletter From 24th to 30th March 2003.

Gold: As I said last week that important support for is $334 according to Jupiter. Gold is below that now. As I am writing you is trading around 329. I will advice you to hold-on; don’t do any activity (sp short term) until gold close above $334. Once again I want to remind you that in last year one of my interview I said that war will not make any impact on gold prices because in this century gold will rise its own strength and power. Today Moon is very positive so, I am very much sure gold will gain from $329. But still I will recommend watching $334 level. $400 is not impossible by end year 2003.

Silver: I know my prediction is not coming very accurate on silver but I don’t know what’s make me or force me to write on silver and I don’t know why? One more time I still recommending to buy silver for long term because I know, Silver will make new millionaire in coming time (don’t have to wait for more than 14 months. Price $4.36 is life time buying opportunity. 

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma


Thanks & God Bless


3 Oct 2004 



Dear Members,

Gold has been playing hide & seek with the investors but this is a game that cannot go on for long. For the last two weeks, Gold has been in hiding but since this is not a rule of the game, it will have to come to an end. 


I have faith that gold will never break any rule or defy the instructions of Mars and Jupiter. That is what I would like to see in the next 48 hours. Final 9 days me and gold has if our love is truth. I may change my out look on, If gold doesn't perform in 9 days by reaching new high 2004. 


All major currencies should strongly rise against the USD.


Starting from Friday, the stock market should fall. This will continue for 14 days after which there will be a slight bounce back lasting for 3 days. Following the brief resurgence, the drop will then recommence. It is a part of nature that in everything, correction usually comes after each fall.


Thanks & God Bless


29 Sep