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Here is alert and newsletter.
Dear Member's,
Look like that metal are having good time because short term planetary movement is positive. My advise is don't buy here because negative period will start again any from Thursday, so one can book profit in metals and metal stocks, get out from metals.
Yesterday, all commodities related stock went down like there will be no tomorrow. Since last 15 days I have been warning on these stocks.
Stock market is moving down quite fast as predicted and will start moving down soon. At around 10620 (Dow) one can again go short. 
Most of analyst changes their view every day. If dollar goes down for two days they will again recommend "now dollar looks weak". They just change their recommendation with daily move. My advise remain in buying position of US dollar or one can even buy dollar index now at $84.
Trade safely. Don't trade with emotion, love or hate.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra 30th March

Dear Members,

The power of planetary movements was quite evident during the last week. Thanks to a unique methodology, I am able to get help and guidance as to the appropriate path to follow, which I in turn present in my newsletter. Sometimes it is hard for me to clearly explain the situation when the picture is obscured or imprecise, and it is during such times that I am likely to make errors in predicting the time factor. Nevertheless, this methodology in has been of great assistance in locating a path out of a sometimes very muddled confusion.


I have received tons of emails from metal investors as well as currency, grain and oil traders congratulating me on my work. I am delighted by your support and praise but at the same time, I am careful not to get carried away. I pray that I remain focussed and insightful as I seek to continually guide you better.


It was a happy moment for me when I learnt that an eminent personality from Swiss bank had commented on my work in a meeting with some celebrities. It is indeed a joy to me that astrology is slowly but surely getting the attention in the WORLD FINANCIAL MARKET that it should.


I am confident that you shall have no occasion to regret your membership, if only you remain focussed on the long term trend and keep the bigger picture in mind. One has also to stay alert for any negativity that may come about and be ready to get out from the market or even short as appropriate.


For the first time, last Monday I short gold at $438 and oil at $57.10. Two weeks back I informed you that I would only buy the dollar Index and sell all holdings in the commodity index including the CRB index. I am holding all my positions as they are. Remain focussed on trade, read good books, and meditate. Avoid reading from too many analysts or experts because this will only serve to sow confusion and may force an early entry or exit. For the final resolution, take all the factors into account, close your eyes for a few minutes and then make up your mind on final action.


Without further delay, let’s go to this week’s newsletter.


Predictions for 28 March to 1 April 2005



Once again, the Dollar remained in the spotlight. At the moment, gold is like an orphaned child as all major planetary positions are against it. Though the force of the planets is positioned against it, it does not mean that the history of gold is over. For the short term however, its prospects are indeed bleak. In view of this, I do not recommend any buying of gold until I see a disconnection from the dollar, which may take several days.


During this week, gold will trade between $429.20 and $418.80. If its breaks $418.80 and stays down for four hours then it could plummet to $400. It is therefore quite apparent that times are very negative for gold. If it however puts up a fight and does not go down too much, then this could herald the turning of the tide and you may receive a strong buying recommendation from me. I shall be monitoring the situation and will advise you accordingly.


Last week some members sent me emails enquiring whether to buy gold at the existing levels. My recommendation however remains unchanged from last week’s position; do not buy. Wait for my buying call.


Short term - Down

Long term - Up



In terms of long term investment, silver is still my favourite commodity. For the last three weeks however, my short term predictions have not been in favour of silver that is why I have been recommending selling. A similar outlook persists even for this week I therefore don’t recommend any new buying. Be patient; wait and watch. In the meantime, I am waiting for the coming of a positive wave, after which it will then be appropriate to load silver. 


Short term outlook is - Uncertain or weak.

Long term – Up


TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY GOLD AND SILVER MAY TURN POSITIVE (I may give buying signal for short period so wait for my alert on Tuesday), IF THEY FAIL TO DO SO THAN, SIGN FOR THE NEXT EIGHT DAYS ARE WEAK.



This week I don't recommend any buying of these commodities. I will give a very strong buying signal in Palladium in the few weeks; so wait for my call. Avoid copper and platinum.


Sell basic material stocks from your portfolio.



Last week we saw major volatility in oil prices. On Tuesday, it came under attack by the MOON as predicted. My advice is that you trade carefully as it will once again have major volatility this week. Sell and cover once it gives good profit and then wait for prices to go up the next day and sell again. This kind of movement will remain for the next two weeks.


Short term trend – TOO MUCH VOLATILITY.


Last week I said - Oil will touch a new high on Monday, after which it will decline sharply. This could be any time between Monday and Tuesday. SO GET OUT FROM OIL STOCKS AND OIL POSITIONS. THERE IS MASSIVE SPECULATION GOING ON HERE. INDEED IT IS LIKE A WAR AND I SUGGEST THAT YOU DON’T GET CAUGHT UP IN THIS WAR. 1000% OIL WILL FALL ON TUESDAY.



The Dollar recovered from its long term illness and is stalking like a lion in the Maasai Mara or Serengeti national parks in East Africa. However, beware because this ‘lion’ is only a fox cleverly sporting the coat and mane of a lion. Anyway, I am happy and proud on astrology because the call on the dollar was a good one because once again, I went contrary to what the experts declared and predicted the dollar’s rise. This was a great moment for me, as it is the same currency for which I predicted a great fall in 2001. 


I believe it makes it clear that I bear no love or hatred in my advice. I respect gold and oil as they are a part of nature. Similarly, I neither love nor hate metals, grains, cotton or the dollar for that matter and I therefore predict just what I see. If allowed to intrude, emotions of attachment or hatred could result in misinformation and could land you onto the wrong path through my advice. Such emotions are therefore best checked so as to always retain a reasonable measure of focus and objectivity as they could prove quite dangerous in the market and even in daily life.    


After veering from the main point, let me return and say that I see the dollar rising this week but with small technical correction. At the same time however, there shall be moments of uncertainty for instance Tuesday and Wednesday, when all currencies will oscillate on both sides. These fluctuating movements will confuse a lot of people and you should therefore remain steady. If you don't like this kind of situation, then you should stay out of currencies trading for 48 hours. One can buy if the dollar falls fast. Similarly, one can sell if the dollar quick rises. This trading should only be for two days.


Over the week will end positive for the dollar. On the other hand, the Euro, pound, Swiss Franc, Aussi and Canadian dollar will fall and indeed break all technical support levels. The Japanese Yen will be volatile and it may fall very rapidly on Friday.


Let me assert once more that on Tuesday and Wednesday, all currencies will have major volatility. BUY DOLLAR ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY.



Last week coffee prices went down unabated. It was good call $136 when I recommended booking profit. Last week I said ‘don't buy’ and I maintain the same for this week. It may rise from Tuesday.



Thursday of last week was a positive day as stated in the newsletter. For this week, cotton prices will stabilize, though there could also be very drastic movements on both sides for two days. I therefore won't recommend putting your hard earned money in it.



Orange juice will be directionless this week and should start rising from Friday.



It is time to buy sugar. One can start adding sugar into portfolio from Friday.



All grains will remain range bound or a bit on the upside for this week. Wait and watch. One can also add a very small quantity. Wait for the alert on Thursday but they can move in both direction so don’t take any large position.



It is a very negative indication that positive planetary movements did not suffice to support stocks last week. When something fails to move upwards on positive days, it is a sign that it is surrounded by gloom which gradually tries to envelop it.


Even though the stock market may move up on Tuesday, don't hold any buying position. One can sell on Friday in rising.


The USA, Asian, Australian and European stock markets look very directionless. Therefore, don't hold any buying positions. Japan however looks stable in 2005 so one can buy in Japan and sell in other markets; this could be a good hedge position.



Treasury bond will stabilize during this week BUT my advice is not to engage in any activity concerning it. One can engage in opposite trading for a few hours on the quick rises and falls. Buy if they fall fast and sell on Friday on rising.


The China factor (negative growth news) is alarming commodity traders. Trade carefully. 


I will be away for three weeks from Friday this week and I may not be able to reply your emails on time. I will be in London, Dubai, Kenya and India. There is however nothing to worry about as you will receive all three weeks’ newsletters as usual. My office will handle all your queries and forward me the important ones.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 26, March 2005