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This week predictions....

Dear Members,

I am enjoying my stay in the beautiful city of SANTA BARBARA. I have found a lot of peace here, which plays a key part in meditation. However, I know that metal community is not at peace especially those who are fully invested.


A lot of news and many emails are being exchanged concerning the future of metals, oil, market, elections, China etc... All are trying to apply their thoughts and calculations in regard to the future coming time and its possible impact. We all know that the future is hidden and that it has millions of ways or options to which it can turn for individuals or the world.


I love astrology because I want to flow with the time and not against the time. If I come wrong I try to look for the wave and my retrace my steps to find out where and why I went wrong. This is because when we realise our mistakes, then the next time we always take steps to flow carefully along and not against.


In my book I strongly recommended to sell metal positions and stocks at around 28th March and buy back around 10th May. This is what I wrote eight months back while writing the 2004 World & Financial Prophecies book. I was in India for a while, specifically from 24th March to 16th April and was really unable to guide you on time. Anyhow the past is past and gone and so we must look ahead towards the future.


Here is guidance for the next week:


Predictions from 10th May to 14 May: Below predictions is part of my this week newsletter which I sent yesterday to all my subscriber. This is not complete newsletter.



When Monday’s show starts prices of gold will remain stable but they could fall 1 or 2 dollars in Europe.


From Tuesday, a very strong rally will start in gold.


Avoid all kinds of rumours, news and articles which say that the metals Bull Run is over because I still see a very strong rise for the next 42 days from 17th May.


This year I still see gold reaching $525 to $545 and also next year there will be strong gold prices. Metal stocks will soon trade on another new high and this means that they will bounce back very strongly from the current down ward trend. I don't read commentaries by experts on strong or weak dollar or inflation or strong economy etc...and neither am I PERSONALLY supporting gold. I just predict what I see and that is what I have been predicting for the last few years on gold, silver and other metals, oil, weak dollar and rise of technology in 2003 and now crash of USA market.


My job is just to guide you but for the first time permit me request that you buy metals stocks- let people continue to speak of weak metals.



I have also previously said that below $5.80 is not the real price according to astrological calculations and that it will soon bounce back and we won't see these current prices again in the year 2004 as well for next 42 months.


Palladium and Platinum:

I will still not recommend investing in both these metals but also don't short them.


Stock Market:

The last two weeks my predictions were a little bit positive on the market but it didn't happen. This means that we are near to the fulfilment of a major prediction on world financial market- (As you all know I am predicting the worst crash which will start in the market from June and last for few years.).



I have been watching this product very closely because my planetary calculations favoured coffee in 2004.


My astrological calculation came very accurate on oil. It will hit new high of $41.80 and then after we will see correction of $4.00. I still hold my prediction for oil reaching $50 soon.


In my book "2004 World & Financial Prophecies" page 100/101 few line says:

Oil and gold ought to be the two key areas in which long term investors should focus in this century. In 2004, I expect oil prices to reach $50 per barrel and up to $100 per barrel within next 30 months. The following twelve and half years will witness a continuous rise of oil prices because of planet Saturn.

The year 2004 shows a completely different scenario. The prices will gradually move up until 22 June, after which they will gain hugely, making a dramatic leap of between 40% and 60% for the rest of the year.


World Events:

The bad period for the world will end on the 16th of May and till this date we pray for a peaceful period.


Just a small note: It is profoundly unfortunate that our leaders today are engaged in promoting hatred and instituting unhealthy scenarios in this world made by the creator. Though all religions bid us to avoid bad or negative KARMA but political and religious leaders (with their bad KARMA) are forcing this beautiful world onto a destructive path where only the ego, hatred and revenge will take birth. It is such a sad situation that human beings are fighting one another, each one trying to dominate the other.... Is it for this reason that the creator created us? Its looks like that love, peace and caring for each other is fast disappearing. Is this because of bad KARMA? I think lets start you and me positive KARMA path and we never now may tomorrow world will follow...


I pray and wish that the creator can apply some magic or perfume in the air which would turn everybody's mind towards the path of… and peace...peace...peace.


Thanks & God Bless