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This week predictions and role of astrology

Dear Friends,
I am very happy to receive many emails from key people of world financial market on my work and thanks for my contributions and guidance investores. I am happy to paste my this week newsletter which confirm that how  astrology can pay such a important and accurate role in invetsment in unpredictable world financial market in well advance.
Dear Members,
Last week Silver finally crossed dollar 7 mark and stayed above important level for 3 Days. For gold and silver I was expecting weak trend on Friday, it did happened but good-news is that that silver closed above $7.00 in New York after touching $6.90 low. Yes Moon was in bad mood and played a negative role more on Gold compare to silver. Finally world stock market showed a sign of weakness from 8th March which is there in my book and also I mentioned in last week newsletter.
According to my astrological calculation on metal and market I see.......
Prediction from 15 March to 19 March 2004.
This week gold prices will remain stable and I won't recommend to sell any because from next week I see strong rise in gold prices. Monday gold will trade quite stable but positive trend will start for gold from Tuesday but again Thursday gold will remain volatile. I see gold stocks will make surprise up move any time after Monday and compare to gold prices gold stocks will gain handsomely during this week.
As I said previously in the month of February as well as last week that mid March would be the best time to invest in metal stock if they come down and they did quite fast (more then my expectations). Those who bought can hold and those who wanted to invest can go ahead even at this stage.
I know many are confuse on my prediction of metal stocks rising because same time I am predicting downward trend of USA stock market and many expert believes that if USA market goes down then metal stocks would also suffer but once again I am confirming very strongly on rising of metal stocks in 2004. So go ahead and invest in most safe place, you won't regret.
Good news that silver closed above $7 on Friday after touching $6.90. Hold your silver investment. Once again I am strongly recommending to buy silver stocks. From 18th March I see major upward trend for silver. I am waiting for my next target $7.45 to 7.95.
Both made strong gain during last week as I predicted. Hold your investment in both of this metal. They will rise very strongly during this week again from Tuesday.
I hold weak USA Dollar prediction but now my favourite currencies is Japanese Yen. since last 24 months I predicting strong Euro and pound and both reached my astrological calculated prices of (1.30 and 1.90), once again they might reach that level but not safe. Watch YEN and invest against all major world currencies.
USA stock market will test 10000 level and might bounce back but don't get trapped. Remain in sell position. If you recall my prediction last month when I finally announced that around 10700 is most safe index to short for short term as well as long term period.
Thanks & God Bless
On 17th March I send "alert" email to buy metal stocks one hour before when they were in big time lossing and gold/silver were trading at $401.70 and $7.11. That email also I am presting here. Yesterday same time I did on my website.

Dear Friends,

This week I recommended Buy YEN but not Euro and Pound. Yen is doing well and will do well.

From today or tomorrow I am expecting great turn around in metal stocks and many will rise up to 25% with in March 2004 from today morning level. ALSO METAL WILL START RISING FROM TOMORROW SP. GOLD AND SILVER.

Those who want to invest go ahead and those how are holding just can wait. Jupiter is saying - this is time to buy not selling.

Many predictions are fulfilling:

Oil toward to new high.

Silver trading above $7.00.

Palladium and platinum rise.

Stock market down,  

Thanks & God Bless