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This week prediction..26 Jan to 30 Jan

Dear Friends,

I received many request from my newsletter members, asking to put my newsltter on website for people to see, why they are subscriber. I accpeted request and here is newsletter which I sent yesterday to my all memebers.

Dear Members,
Thank God that last week passed smoothly without the major disaster that I expected around the 24th January. We should all pray that the dark clouds that still hover above this week also drift away. I have just come into my office at around 11.00 o'clock Kenyan time and started reviewing the charts for currencies, commodities and stock markets for this week. After detailed reviews, here is the newsletter for this week which will surely lead to your making crucial decisions in the unpredictable world financial markets;
Newsletter for 26th to 30th January.
Last week, gold bounced back from the important support level of $404 which I had recommended that one could buy. It came down a little bit in trading last week from Monday's price. The US Dollar also played a small role, not with the gold prices, but in the gold investor's minds and tried to scare and bring some confusion in their minds. For this week, I see gold trading in the range of $404 to $413. As soon as it crosses $413, I am predicting a strong rally in gold that will take gold prices to $448.
If gold trades below $404 for four hours, two houses of one astrological chart, it may bring some panic to the gold investor community and prices could go down to $392. However, I do not see this happening. From Wednesday or Thursday this week.

Those who are holding for long periods of 2-3 months can hold their investments in gold but for those doing day trading, I will not recommend any new activity for the next two days. But on Wednesday or Thursday in the New York trading session, one can start accumulating positions in gold and I am sure that you will recover my newsletter fee on Thursday. Wednesday or Thursday is also a good day for buying gold stocks. 

The current time is a great opportunity to accumulate silver and silver stocks. This is what I see as I sit here in my Nairobi office. I see a bull rally in silver which will see investors unable to hold their breath. I have already said that for 2004, this is my favourite metal that I have ranked first in my list for my clients.
Platinum and Palladium:
Last week palladium prices surprised many people. Even Bill Murphy made a comment (nice of him and faith in my work) concerning my Monday 19, January predictions where I predicted a 30% rise in palladium prices when it was trading at $240. Last week, palladium prices went up to $263. I still hold the same predictions for Palladium and those who want to invest long term buying in stocks, then I recommend to buy 'PAL'. It is trading in American markets around $9. During the last quarter 2003 I recommended, it was trading around $4.60.
I see Platinum prices rising from Friday or from next week.
I still hold the same predictions for last week for all the currencies because the trend will be so uncertain. Therefore, do not to trade. The first week of January when I was  in South Africa, I gave several interviews on TV and radio in which I predicted that the Rand would trade at 8.50- 9.50 against the US Dollar during 2004. At the time, it was trading 6.20-6.30. It surprised everybody by dropping almost one point against the US Dollar.
I still hold the same prediction for a very strong Yen. If the Euro or Pound are losing the battle against the US Dollar, do not make the mistake that the Yen will lose. So please don't go short on the Yen as I predicted last week.
In last week newsletter - "Last week I predicted the rise of the US dollar in the short term. For this week, the Dollar will rise on Monday but from Tuesday at midday till Friday the dollar will remain very volatile. The best advice according to moon is not to trade in currencies. If you have guts then trade for only five hours and close positions within 5 hours that is two houses of the chart. But there is a great opportunity to buy the Japanese Yen. For the time being forget the Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc and Dollar and trade in the Japan Yen because within 10 days the Japanese Yen will gain and it will trade around 100 against US Dollar. You don't need other currencies to trade in because I have given you the best".
Stock Markets:
For this week, I again hold the same predictions for a weak market. Key institutions and fund people in the investment community are trying to keep the market up, but do not believe their bullish comments or news. Just hold the metal, oil and power stocks and also AIDS research companies because I see a company announcing good news on the AIDS vaccine very soon. American stock markets are nearly entering a major downward trend for 2 to 7 years, so carefully watch your investments. BY END OF WEEK MARKET SHOULD START GOING DOWN.
NOTE: Though I know that it is not good, let me put in a very special request to you. I have prepared this newsletter for the sole use of my close people and subscribers only. I hope that you will understand my hard work.
Thanks and God Bless,