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This week newsletter

Dear Members,
I am very happy to write and guide you because the way planetary movement is moving and the way market, currencies and commodities is moving, they matching absolutely. I stated many time that no body is 100% perfect in this world and small error bound to happen, no how detail I am reading the chart or any market expert predicting.
I am just happy because long term all major predictions regarding world financial markets are coming quite right and I know that I am not taking you on any wrong path. There is no self interest to earn name and money, I am just trying to work hard and digging out hidden unique combinations or hidden treasure in astrology.
When I was writing "2004 World & Financial prophecies" in September I saw great rise in silver prices and I also said in my book that they might touch 12 to 14 dollar during 2004. What else smart investors need?
Lest see what this week is indicating:
Prediction from 1st March to 5th March
I still remember my call on gold $430 and I advised many to sell at that point but not this time now when it will do soon again $430, infect I may advise to buy even at that level.
I sent Friday a small note to my all members:
I was not well since last two days. Just came office for one hour AND found gold trading down to $392.30 and silver $6.40, US Dollar is giving pressure to metals. I was expecting gold to fight back against rising US Dollar but not happening. I felt that I must send email to all my members with small advise on future trend. First time I am giving you here next week picture on metal in advance.
Gold is loosing battle against US Dollar since last Tuesday. I predicted two things, 1. metal will fight against rising US Dollar and 2. US Dollar would rise against major other currencies. Yes, Dollar is rising well as predicted but at this level looks like metal is loosing battle. If you remembers my earlier prediction on this fight I said in three week gold will win this battle. Next week is third week and ON 3RD MARCH WEDNESDAY I see GOLD WINNING BATTLE AGAINST US DOLLAR (Please watch 3rd March because I am charging you high newsletter fee and being your advisor my duty that I should clear uncertainty from your mind when every things looks confuse. From 3rd March I see gold rising very strongly and In the month of MARCH GOLD WILL TOUCH $448. So at this level I will recommend you trade for one month not for short term (for days) but one can take position around $394 ( 2 to 3 dollar here and there) because this is low level for gold for year 2004. I know many great market pundit is predicting much lower level for at this level but I am going against all because this is what Jupiter is telling to predict.
Very interesting time is coming (Bull-run) for Platinum and Palladium from tomorrow 27th March.
Silver I still hold prediction for going above $7.00 in few days, Please don't go short.
3rd March will be important day for my astrological work and to have more confidence in work or not, or, to believe in me or not.
So I am holding same predictions for gold to rise from Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday will remain stable or weak and you must take advantage to weak prices and buy position on Tuesday or early Wednesday. Thursday gold can rise more than 2 to 3%.
First two days silver prices will remain stable or little bit on downside but any time from Wednesday or THURSDAY prices will rise and silver finally will cross $7 mark during this weak.
Venus did on Friday as I predicted. I see now platinum toward $1000 mark in 23 days from 1st March. Don't sell your buying position.
If you remember three weeks back I advised in my newsletter to buy US Dollar and sell Pound and Euro when the were trading around (1.90 and 1.29). Now I recommend that during this week US Dollar will start loosing value again against major currencies from Wednesday any time. First two days it will remain volatile both side.
Stock Market:
This final week to give weak signal first time. Sell sell sell...........
If you want any question please don't hesitate to ask. I am doing my best to guide you, I don't love gold, silver and neither I don't hate stock market or US Dollar. I am just predicting what I see.
I am in hurry to finish this newsletter here because after 10 minutes time bad astrological period is coming for two days and during that period I don't wanted to write newsletter. I am even not editing now, so if I am not clear any where please send me email.
Thanks & god bless