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This week Newsletter - must read....

Dear Friends,
This was my newsletter which I give every Monday. This what I sent on Monday November 24 to all my newsletter subscriber. Gold and currencies predictions are on the spot.
Prediction from 24 Nov to 28 Nove 2003
Dear Members,
If you re-read my newsletter for last week, you will see that the price movements in metal, currencies and stock market matched 99% with my astrological predictions. Let us see indications of planetary movement for the unpredictable world financial market concerning next week.
As always, the period between November and December is very important for investors or fund people.The year end can spoil many investors' holidays if they leave their position open during vacations. But there is nothing to worry about because I am with you and I hope I will able to guide you, just check your email on every Monday.
Predictions from (24 Nov to 28 Nov - 2003)
Last Monday the Moon was in a very negative house, so it made everybody confused except me. I still remember that metals, stock markets and currencies fell against US$ but the next day every thing turned back to their original levels. For instance, gold dropped on Monday from $396 to $385.50 but on Tuesday it touched new high of $400 in Asia as I predicted on my website.
For this week Gold will trade above $400. The gold traders have been waiting for this for a long time. I have found that most gold investors are trading half heartedly because they still don't have full confidence in gold trading above $400. This is the same situation as when I predicted that gold would trade above $300 in the year 2002/3 when it was $255 in mid 2001. Only a few people like Bill Murphy believed me.
So, even at this current level I recommend that you hold gold and its stocks. I will soon advice you when to sell it for short term.
Note: Many gold investors had promised me that they would support my charity work if they made money in gold and also when gold crossed the $400 mark. But unfortunately, only a few have honoured their promise. I would like to urge that you offer support to noble causes for instance in Africa where many children are victims of the AIDS and many are  orphaned. It is not a must that you chose my charity; you can support any organisation of your choice. But make sure you do something for the less fortunate when you gain.
Monday and Tuesday are bad days, and if its goes up on negative days it means positive power is more stronger than negative one, this will result silver price to move up to $6 in next 15 days half Zodiac cycle of Moon. May I send one more email on silver on Tuesday.
Stock markets:
Mars is not favouring stock market at all, on every rise one can sell, and hold short position in Dow, Nasdaq or any other market. All major market looks very weak and especially from first week of December.
Fall of US dollar will be continue for this week, Euro, Pound and Yes will be major gainer for this week. Yen now ready to trade below 108 against US$. Also Yen will against Euro and Pound during this week.
World Events:
Monday and Tuesday will be a very negative days. New terrorist attack will take many lives or assassination of any key leader,  this will bring uncertainty in world financial market. We pray that this kind of negative incident should not take place.
Note: Around 10th of December book will come out, I am sure that my book "2004 World & Financial Prophesies" will be a great gift for your close friends or for your clients. I will feel honoured if you chose my book as X-MAS present.
Thanks & God Bless
Last week newsletter for reference(17 Nov to 21 Nov)

Dear Members,

Last week I found it was very interesting because world financial market were completely in grip of planet, I have also felt that other external effects are over, means key planets will play their own role freely. So lets see how is this week will be.


Ready to cross $400 mark any time today but again close down below $400, if its does I will be very happy because I would like tomorrow (Tuesday) to have bull run in gold. Why I said tomorrow because I would like Mars to join Jupiter in this rally. So lets wait until tomorrow to see mood of Mars because Mars can force gold to rise 8% continuous.


Last week silver prices moved up quite strongly as I was expecting. Just I am waiting prices to cross 5.45 for major bull-run in silver prices. I will send another emails soon on silver because still $7.90 is not impossible target according to my calculations.

Stock Market:

Still I hold my prediction for major crash in stock market and I am sure before end of year Dow will touch 8800 or even below.


I hold same predictions of last week of strong Euro,Pound, Ausi Dollar and Swiss Franc. Japanese Yen trading around 1.09 is a great opportunity to buy it.

I still hold my same predictions for Yen to go below 100 against US dollar.

World events:

Current week looks bad but this weekend will bring major worst news for world, that can also put stock market and Bush administrators under great pressure.

Thanks and God Bless