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This week letter as a complement, commodities and stocks will fall sharply, dollar should rise from MID Thursday.......

Dear Friends,

Small part from this week news letter.


Dear Members,

I am now in Mumbai, having very much enjoyed my spiritual trip and ready to leave for the USA on Monday. In the last four weeks, currencies have dominated the markets, with the dollar index struggling against the Euro, Pound and Australian dollar. I expected the dollar to turn around in few days.


Once again, please carefully plan your currency trading as from this week you will start seeing signs and indications of what I have been talking about.


I shall write some more about this once I am back to Santa Barbara, but the thing to note is that my focus is on the dollar at this stage. My advice to all my members is to take a sell position in the Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc and Australian dollar.


Here are the predictions for this week, 9 to 13 April:



The days are long gone when we were getting gold around $270, and we may never see such prices again. Any dip in gold should be taken as a buying opportunity (not ten dollars below current prices, but any substantial downward move).


On Monday this week, gold should move up in the New York market in the last hour so one can buy. However, the overall trend in gold on Monday will be nervous as the dollar's rise will bring concern in investors mind.


Tuesday Gold will move up.


On Wednesday gold will trade with a lot of volatility and I see moves of more than one percent on both sides.


The yellow metals will remain sideway on Thursday and Friday. The overall trend for this week will therefore be either sideway or trade in a very narrow range.


The trading range for this week will be $678.50 to $663.30. If spot gold prices break any of these levels, then trade in that direction. It will however be a tough task for it to break $678.50.



Last week silver prices remained stable but I see volatility in silver prices during this week. One can buy on weakness on Monday and Tuesday because it should recover by the end of the day.


On Wednesday silver prices may move down and should trade in a narrow range on Thursday.


Buy silver on Friday.... 



This week copper prices should sharply move down after Wednesday.



Both these side metals will remain sideway or weak, but Palladium should rise. One should therefore keep a very close watch on Palladium. Platinum should trade weakly for the rest of year and one should therefore not take any buying position at this stage.



All major stock markets will move down once again, therefore watch your trades in the market. Don't hold any stocks except in alternative energy and metals. A fall should start in Australia, India and Europe.


Hedge your selling in all the markets by buying in the USA market for the medium term. It will however get weak for the short-term, just like all other markets. For the longer term - that is by the middle of next year, the DOW will be trading over 15000.


This week sell all major indexes and tightly hold your short position as second round fall staring from Wednesday.



Last week bond prices remained weak as predicted and they should remain weak this week as well. Indeed, I see another two percent fall in prices of the thirty year bond.



We are now quite close to being aggressive in both soft commodities. I still recommend buying coffee around $109 and cotton around $53. I would like to remind you that one should not expect any sudden rise in both commodities. However, the upcoming trend will be a very bullish one and I shall let you know when we should get aggressive. We should nevertheless hold some position even at current prices.



Both these soft commodities should trade weakly or side way. We shall buy sugar as well as cocoa on 18 of March.



All three commodities will move down this week, but a sharp decline will be experienced in May. I expect orange juice and rubber to fall more than fifteen percent in the month of May. Lumber should come down to $228.00.



Last week grains came up after sharp fall, and Thursday was an important day for grains. They closed up and at least gave some confidence of staying in the market for the medium term and longer term trend.


This week grains prices Monday will move up. On Tuesday one can take a short position and cover the short by Friday. Any sharp fall should be taken as a buying opportunity. Furthermore, we shall be buying grains again in the month of June.


The short-term trend is uncertain after Monday and one should therefore book profit if prices rise after buying during weakness. For instance, Tuesday last week was a great buy and prices moved up sharply for the rest of the week. Tuesday this week will be a selling opportunity.



Last week oil prices remained on the weak side and we should expect it to remain weak for this week as well. We have a great opportunity to sell RB gas at $2.14 and heating oil at $1.88 and oil at $64.80. Natural gas will remain sideway and one should therefore avoid trading in it.


I expect oil to come down to $62.40, heating oil to 1.81 and RB gas $2.03.

The short-term trend for oil will therefore remain weak.



My focus and energy at this point is in currencies. A few of my friends made fortunes in 2001 to 2004 during the dollar's weak trend, which I was able to call very successfully thanks to astrology. I made a call on the Euro reaching $1.36 when it was at $0.83, and the Pound to $1.98, in addition to the Rand, Canadian and Australian Dollars. I am now predicting the opposite trend and time will be the answer.


Sell the Euro, Pound and Swiss Franc, as well as the Australian dollar. Furthermore, buy the Yen and Canadian dollar this week for the short-term.


Two renowned banks and some famous institutions traders have sent me email regarding my prediction of the dollar's rise, and are very excited to see this move but they donít expect this move.


Once again, I wish you good luck and a fruitful week. Please don't forward the newsletter to non-subscribers, but support my work by introducing your close associates.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 9 April