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This week Gold is my Favourite...

Dear Friends,
First, let me thank you for your unceasing support and faith in my work, as a result of  which I am working hard to give you the best I can. I also wanted to prove that astrology has got an important role to play in the world and world's financial markets. This has always been the case, but nobody openly came out to clearly indicate what was going to happen and the path.
In a small way, I have been supporting hospitalised persons who were unable to foot their medical bills though I never publicised them on my website. This is because I was spending from my personal account. During this week, Mahendra Foundation is officially adopting 10 children to start with and I am finally happy that the foundation has finally started its mission.
I see other experts newsletters which I receive from few of my followers on the world financial markets which are 4-10 pages long. On my newsletter, I only write 4-5 lines on any one subject, with the whole newsletter being about one page. Please let me know whether you would like additional information (which I don't think is necessary) or are satisfied with what I am currently offering. 
Last week's newsletter and the flash alert news have proven the accuracy of astrology in my work and this is giving me more confidence. Let's see what this week is indicating according to planetary movements;
Small part from my newsletter but I cann't put whole thing. I put complete newsletter on Friday:
For this week gold is my favourite, waiting for first $426.
Silver finally will touch my long waited tartget $7.95 but my come from this level. Next target you all knows is $12.
I hold same predictons for stcoks market.
From today Euro, Pound and Franc.
World Events:
This week is not good especially for world peace because I see problems coming somewhere in the European countries or in the Middle East.
Here I would like to thank Bill Murphy for his great support and faith. He also played a very important role in introducing me and my work to first metal people and now to the world.  I was overwhelmed by sentiments he expressed in his statement. Here is his view which was on Lemetro.

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Sent: Friday, March 19, 2004 2:23 AM

Subject: From Bill Murphy


Hi there Mahendra,


From my MIDAS tonight:


"How about that MAHENDRA!!! The guy is GOOD! Would somebody please take his gold and silver predictions over the past three years and compare them with the precious metals analysts at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. He puts them to shame. To think there are people out there who think these Wall Streeters have any credibility when it comes to gold and silver. My oh my!"

all the best,

Bill Murphy

Thanks and God Bless,
Mahendra Sharma