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Dear Friends,

I will be in South Africa from tomorrow for two days. From tomorrow (Monday) gold will start moving up and soon will cross now $430.
Silver ready to trade above $7.00.
Dollar will start gaining now.
Metal stocks ready for trade toward new high.

Note: From coming Saturday we may not able to accept new newsletter subscribors for few weeks because we are putting new system for newsletter with PDF file. 

Thank & God BLESS ..Mahendra



I cannot reinvent the wheel for every new Café member, meaning I can’t extrapolate on everything I cover in every MIDAS. It would bore Vet Café members to tears. In many cases, confusing subject matter for new members can be explained by going to Café Search and using a key word to learn more about the term or items presented.

This morning a new and annoying Café member challenged me on Mahendra and his newspaper interview. He did not have the courtesy to even give me his name, yet called my email response to him lame. This guy can go jump in the lake.

It is fun for me to explain why it is my pleasure to give Mahendra coverage. First, and foremost, he has been far more right on the gold and silver markets than all the bullion dealers on Wall Street. While not getting everything right, he has credibility. The bullion dealers do not when it comes to price predictions. This includes Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, etc. One only need review their fundamental assessment on gold and silver the past three years and compare it to that of Mahendra.

It all started in the fall of 2001 when a Café member alerted me to a gold call made by Mahendra in September 2001 and was eventually presented to Café members as follows:

November 21 - Gold $274.70 up 10 cents - Silver $4.02 down 3 cents
Bonds and Enron Tank

Well in this time of struggling to keep hope that the cabal's hold will be loosened (at least in time for me to not be destitute in my retirement!) here's a little gem to bolster the faith: Mahendra, a famous East Indian astrologer and world events prognosticator, says that November 27th marks the "start of gold's movement upwards for the next 6 years"....let's hope he's right! Phil

December 6 - Gold $274.20 up 60 cents- Silver $4.22 up 6 cents
Silver On The Move

Then again maybe he is spooked by the prediction of the Indian Guru, Mahendra, who said way back that gold would begin a giant move higher on November 27, 2001. So far, so good. That day was the exact low of the gold price retracement, post September 11.

January 9 - Gold $283 up $4.50 - Silver $4.71 up 7 cents
Gold Breaks Out


Mahendra called it. What I will never forget was the time I was chatting at the New Orleans Investment Conference with a highly regarded chairman of a very prominent gold producer on that very bottom day. Out of nowhere on Nov 27, 2001 he queried, "Do you think Mahendra will be right?"

Anyway, Mahendra has had a cult Café following ever since.

I received several emails asking me what Mahendra meant in his note to me in last night’s MIDAS. Clueless I was, however, an explanation from another Café member:

Hey Bill, don't leave us hanging! What does Mahendra mean by "big one"? Gold & Silver up? Stock market down? Depression? War? Armageddon? All of the above? Should we head for the hills - or place an order for our yachts?

BTW - Of course, I knew all about Mahabharata, being the India scholar that I am (in fact, I can even pronounce it, its Ma hab h ar ata, or something like that), but for the rest of your subscribers, I have included a description (found on the internet).

The Mahabharata is the story of a great war that ended one age and began another. It has been called the national epic of India, and it is that, in very much the same sense that the Illiad is the national epic of Classical Greece.

also - Arjun: One of the greatest warriors in all of India. Arjun was so good with a bow and arrow that he shot a levitating goldfish in its eye by looking at its reflection in the water.
John Black

GATA’s campaigned for years to defeat Barrick Gold and its hedging strategy. It worked. We won. They surrendered. We can win the silver market battle too and help Ted Butler expose the silver fraud.