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Today's Trade & News


Dear friends,

Here is small part from my 10 October weekly newsletter. I charge high fee for my subscription but I have reason for that infact,  I may soon increase my newsletter subscription price again.



Gold finally touched a six month high on Friday. I have not been entirely correct on my price prediction since I had been expecting this to occur at the last week of September. All in all, I am happy with the recent performance of gold and gold stocks.


I expect it to undergo major volatility on either side for the next five to six trading days. Indeed, it is only the very lucky investors who will make gains in short term or day trading. If you however want to try your luck or establish how lucky you can be, then this will the period to put your luck to the test.


From the current level, the price range could be three percent lower to five percent higher.


I shall try and send you daily updates concerning this throughout the week, though the long term investors have got nothing to worry about.



Silver prices will also stay volatile till Friday and my advice is that you stay out of it. 


For the lower side, silver could slide four percent in the middle of the week and scale upwards by four percent.


Though millions could be made in gold and silver during this period, the weak hearted should avoid to long or short for the next 10 days. This week planets are giving bothside indication in metals so trade carefully as we may see too much price fluctuation in intraday high and low.



It also touched a new high and even though it may come down during thing this week for the few days, I still see it reaching $185 to $200 in the next three months.

Thanks & God Bless