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Testing time for my work because I am predicting bull-run tomorrow..

Dear Members,

I have been engaged in executing several important tasks and this made me unable to follow this week’s trends. Last night after getting home I found out that gold and silver had broken the important levels of $392 and $5.90 respectively. There are millions of people who follow my work and place implicit faith in me. I therefore feel that it is my duty and obligation to give guidance through astrology even during the most trying and uncertain times.


Several people have sent me mail concerning China and the dismal outlook it presents. The fact is that gold and silver have both sharply fallen and there is no excuse whatsoever for what I see through astrology. It is easy for big-time traders, chartists and analysts to cover there past views when they go wrong but my study is entirely based on energy and movement of waves.


Let us now explore what I see;



It is very hard to believe it but gold is currently trading below $379, which is way below my base support level of $390. I would however like to see for how long the situation persists with gold trading below the $390 level. As I predicted in my newsletter, Thursday will be the best day to invest in gold for the short-term because Friday will have an important bull-run. This will be a significant test for my work and we are only a short time to its commencement.


I would like to assert that regardless of what the analysts say or the rest of the world affirms, there will be no major downward trend for gold after 12th May 2004. I also still hold firmly to my prediction that this year, gold will touch $525.



I expected a fall after 2nd April to around $6.80 or in the worst case, this year’s astrological low level of $5.90. However, silver is trading at $5.56 and I am unconvinced as to whether that is the real trading price or a manipulation. Energy and planetary forces do not indicate this price at all.


If you have read my book and commentaries, In page 97 of my book I said that one could hold silver till 29th March. In my commentaries last year as well as this year, I gave a second figure of $7.95 and said that one should sell at this level. This is in addition to indicating radical fluctuations of silver in the months of April and May. A drop of 8% was to be taken as an excellent chance to buy while a rise of the same margin was to be construed to be a selling opportunity. In my book, I have not mentioned till what date in May the volatility would last. Let me now affirm that this will be up to 10th May. Whatever the prevailing prices will be, 10th May will be a good time to buy. Even for those who are buying today, they should sell if a rise of 8% occurs before 10th May.



Till 10th May, I do not recommend speculations for big amounts, because this is a period of uncertainty for silver. This does not however apply for gold.


I still hold my prediction that silver will go up to $12 during this year. If it trades above $7.91 for 21 days, then I predict $28 for silver in the next 18 months.


I neither write this letter emotionally nor with any intention of covering myself. There are many traders who have been trading for long and have held on that find themselves in difficulties. I will only say that tomorrow, the situation may not be the same. I never change my predictions with the change of scenarios. For instance, I still hold fast that the DOW index will dramatically crash to 7000 in the next 9 months.



Watch the power of the planets, their energy and waves especially in regard to gold. This will also play a partial role for silver.


Palladium and Platinum

My advice is that you still keep away.



A weakness of US Dollar will surprise the world.



Next week I shall announce something very important because I am taking the most important decision of my life. I believe in the long term and in the next 18 years, I shall be in the unpredictable world financial markets.


I am with you in your pain as well as in your joy. When people are making money, they never say a word but when they lose, there is a stream of e-mails. I pray and hope that they soon recover.


Jupiter says - Today’s investments in (gold and silver) will turn into great returns by 27 June 2004.


Thanks and may God bless you.


Mahendra Sharma