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Strong rebound expected in commodities expected from Monday and now market from... here is 16-20 weekly newsletter...

Weekly Newsletter from 16-20 May      

Commodities look good this week, but the market bottomed out on Friday at perfect levels as predicted which is a great sign for investors…


Dear Members,    

There are so many things to talk but let’s talk in brief first about the market and the current Astro cycles and waves of nature because I only believe in the Astro cycles because they are the ones who create supply-demand, bad weather, geopolitical tensions, and the list go on.

Why are people and experts always either so late or unable to guide investors correctly? The reason is simply that they only look at the current scenario and get trapped in it. Like in 2000 experts never believed that tech stocks will ever come back; in 2009 they thought that the world stock market and the housing market will take a very long period of time to rebound; in 2020 when the market crashed due to covid-19 people never thought that the market would rebound and make new historic highs during the covid era. Everyone gets so busy analyzing the current situation that they are unable to see what is coming ahead.

My job is to just look into the future and keep guiding investors about it and what is coming, rather than what is happening right now. I try always to see what the worst-case scenario could be, and when we will see a rebound. The Astro cycles and the wave of nature theory have clearly helped give us a vague picture of the coming time. 

We were lucky to find the last three bottoms very accurately, and for that reason, Wall-street loves our work and they are now waiting and see whether I will be right again this time or not.

The good news is that the market rebounded on Friday as expected. On the 14th the first negative Astro time cycle ended, and the second cycle will end on the 19th of May as predicted. Last week the market-tested the extreme lower side levels which resulted in us recommending going aggressively long in the markets. It was a coincidence that the market’s lower side levels and the Astro time cycle both aligned so closely which is a very bullish sign. I have talked a lot about the market in the past two letters and we are holding our predictions for markets. Now it is time to talk about the other areas.

Over the last two weeks we also mentioned that higher inflations will be a part of normal life, yes, initially we get shocked but then we slowly accept it, and we don’t make it into a big deal. The same will happen as we still see weather-related issues which will be major problems for agricultural commodities. There will also be problems with agriculture commodities as they are seasonal and very price sensitive.

The problem with Ukraine and Russia’s war pushed corn and wheat prices through the roof. Now India said that they are banning wheat exports which could create problems with wheat and prices may skyrocket. Coffee prices went higher last year because of the weather-related issues in Brazil, and we still see a major issue with the coffee crop coming.

Oil and gas prices are trading higher, and nickel prices went crazily higher, but then cooled down in the last few months.

From here onwards for commodities:

We have already predicted that a few commodities will perform amazingly and they are not connected to the Russia/Ukraine war. Silver and coffee will perform well in the coming time, but natural gas will continue to remain very volatile to positive as mentioned in this year’s book. When I was writing these predictions there was no war.

The Astro current is negative for gold and silver and that will improve, grains prices will remain firm this year, and energy prices will remain volatile as long as the Ukraine/Russia conflict continues, and Russia would like to keep prolonging the conflict because of Oil and Gas prices, but it won’t benefit from them for the medium to longer term.

The commodity bull market can last until 2022 and 2023, and prices can continue to remain higher. One sharp fall can happen once Russia announces it is ending its invasion of Ukraine, but that will be a short-term fall. So, let’s not short commodities, buy on any short-term corrections, and get in back on the boat because prices will gain momentum.

Final note: Nature and the Astro cycle is telling me to focus more on lithium and semiconductor stocks. Lithium mining companies will perform better than gold and oil stocks, and battery technology will change the world for the better in the next ten years. I am unable to express my excitement regarding lithium stocks because the Astro cycles have been telling me only one thing over the last three years, ‘Mahendra, tell your members to buy lithium stocks. Just keep accumulating and forget about the rest of the areas.’

The lunar eclipse of Sunday will last 4.10 hours covering most of North and South America, Africa, and southwest Europe. It will end California time around mid-Night. Many things will stabilize and give a completely new energy 55 hours after the Eclipse.

On Monday and Tuesday, we also have a Scorpio Moon which may bring some volatility in commodity prices, or will push commodity prices higher. From Wednesday onwards a new beginning will take place and a more stable market is expected. We are still beginning a new bull era for the stock market.

Few points to keep in mind:

There have been a wealth of distractions in crypto. Terra or LUNA collapsed from $97.00 to $0.0001 creating havoc in the crypto market.

The dollar index is at the most crucial Astro juncture

Commodities have been ignoring the USD rise which is very dangerous

Punit Astro cycle is very negative until 17 November 2022

More European members joining NATO is a big slap to Putin or Russia

The USA market is ready to march toward a historic high so buy is our call.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma