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Small sections of weekly newsletter of 15-19 from News and update sections which we just released...

Dear Members,    

Our members almost lost hope regarding our bullish predictions, but nature never failed us; it was an amazing rally we all witnessed in stocks on the 14th of July. Astro cycles provided an amazing date of a turnaround in the market, with predictions of July, August, and September rallies. So far, the market is moving higher nonstop, and from the way it is moving, it looks like it is ready to wipe out all the shorts in the market. In the last 28 years, many of you must have seen that I never get shattered in any short-term adverse conditions. You must have seen what we recommended in 2000 after the crash in tech, in 2008 after the housing and financial market crash, and in March 2020, when the world locked down and people thought it was the end of the financial market. Lately, the Russo-Ukraine crisis was calm because we knew that the markets would make their bottom around the 14th of June, and a big rally will start on the 14th of July, as we predicted. The most important prediction we made was a major fall in the market in 2000 and 2008. In 2020, we never predicted the crash in the market, but we saw it as a short-term issue, and the market could touch 3800 by the end of 2020; which it did. This year in the 2022 Financial Predictions book, we predicted an uncertain to negative cycle for the market from March to June, which happened after that big rally.

I would like to put the last three cycles from our book "2022 Financial Predictions" here; though markets are not trading around all-time highs as mentioned, the way the markets and stocks moved confirmed how aggressive this cycle was. We mentioned FED and geopolitics in the May cycle. We released this book in the first week of January 2022 and completed it in November 2021. All the 16 yearly predictions books are very close to our hearts because, in every book, we were able to portray the most accurate picture of the coming time in markets. I get really disappointed sometimes because we don’t get great media exposure for our book, but we also believe that nature will only bring the people who are supposed to come to our website…..

These are the last three cycles from the 2022 Financial Prediction’s stock market sections:

Fourth cycle:

From the 5th of April 2022 to the 14th of May 2022:

This is one of the most important times for the Market, Global Geopolitics, and the common man as there will be major Astro changes taking place during this period. Jupiter will change its house from Aquarius to Pisces; Saturn will be changing its house from Capricorn to Aquarius, and the North Node will be changing its house from Taurus to Aries. I haven’t witnessed these kinds of big changes in my career because all the major longer-term planets are changing their houses one by one throughout the month. These changes will surely bring a bigger fight in the market because every planet will try to prove their point and demonstrate what they can do in the new house, as well as what their future role will be.

I strongly recommend not trading anything aggressively during this phase. If the markets are falling, then let them fall. If the markets are rising then let them rise, because we may see that major volatility will be witnessed during this period. Sharp rises and corrections will be witnessed. Policy makers (Politicians and Central Banks) won’t have a clue about what to do on important issues, so remain aware as this can bring some uncertainty.

During this cycle I will recommend taking aggressive long positions in mining stocks and ETFs as they will outperform the rest of the sectors. I will recommend waiting patiently and watching the behavior pattern of the market and the world at large once these changes take place, so watch the market closely from the 1st of May to the 14th of May. All these planets will be changing their respective houses by the 29th of April, so whatever happens by the end of this period is the trend we will see throughout the rest of 2022.

My view is that the market will get ready for a mega move because many sectors will perform in different ways. Our Astro cycle reading says that these changes will support mining, natural resources, and material stocks. Precious Metals, Biotech, and Pharma stocks will come back into action after a long silence; and financial and fintech stocks will start having a fun time, so start investing in these areas. There is a possibility that political turmoil can start during this cycle.


Fifth Cycle:

From the 15th of May 2022 to the 4th of June 2022:

This will be a very volatile cycle and stock prices will move higher and lower aggressively. The FED may release some negative statements which can bring stock prices down. We are not recommending any long trades during this cycle. The mining sector will be the only one that will perform well during this cycle. We recommend avoiding trading during this cycle and enjoying your time in other activities. One can lighten some positions if you have any aggressive short term positions.


Sixth Cycle:

From the 5th of June 2022 to the 8th of August 2022:

This will be a positive Astro cycle for the market and investors overall. Most of the sectors in the Global Equity Market will perform very well. During this period, we may see S&P, NASDAQ, DOW, and Russell 2000 testing all-time highs. Many of the global markets will also move towards all-time highs, so this will be a great time to buy financial, technology, mining, retailers, health care, and almost every sector’s stocks, as this will be one of the best cycles of 2022. This is the time to take some bets by buying call options in Indexes and frontline stocks as they may provide great short-term returns. This is the best time to make a great amount of money.

The above sections provided amazing insight into markets' behavior patterns. let's talk about lithium. I don’t know how many of you are subscribing to lithium letters as it is one of the most important areas of investment. In the last month, most of the lithium stocks gained value between 50 to 100% higher due to the positive Astro cycle of the lithium sector as mentioned in the lithium letter, and this positive cycle we mentioned in the last two lithium letters……

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