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Small sections from 1-5 weekly financial newsletter...humans should become more responsible rather than fighting over thousands of year old religion-related issues... Human and AI!

Weekly Newsletter from 1-5 April

Gold is back with a strong trend which is helping commodity markets…


Dear Members,

The time cycle always provides a fair opportunity to everyone in different stages of life, and I have been feeling that many of you must have witnessed that through your journey of life. Every day, week, month, and year are different because of the Astro time cycles. Within 24 hours our emotions, mood, and work results are different, we experience so many things within 24 hours when we remain conscious. If we are conscious, then we can experience so many amazing things throughout this journey.

I was giving a small talk yesterday at my friend's place and someone asked me whether AI will replace humans, and the answer was simple, no. Yes, AI can help humans in every aspect of life, but it won’t be able to replace us. Even though humans are different from each other, emotional parameters and behavioral patterns are different in each human being. We may have to make an AI for every human, not a common or universal one.

I normally avoid giving talks but yesterday I decided, after 18 years I must give a talk. The last talk that I gave was in Zurich when ABN Amro bank organized for me to speak, and I think 140 bankers were there on that day to listen about the ASTRO-CYCLE and the market behavior patterns.

My journey of understanding the Astro cycles started at age 8, and now I am 56. I often find myself clueless because understanding the geo-cosmic power and behavioral patterns of the Wave of Nature is so vast that I feel like I am a tiny ant trying to swim in the ocean. Yes, I won’t be right or 100% accurate ever in my lifetime, but yes I can give an overall outlook and outcome like a weatherman.

You all supported me in this journey, I have known many of our members for over two decades and you are still loyal supporters of my work which has helped me research and understand nature's cycle.

Yes, finance or money is an important part of human life and we humans have designed our life in that manner. Money was even an essential part of our lives thousands of years ago. How to utilize money is equally as important for us, so when you make money please use it sensibly by sharing with the needy, doing the right things for the community, doing something for nature, and helping other living creatures (birds/animals/etc.) because this is the whole ecosystem for the mother nature to remain intact. Let the birds sing, let the wind bring great sound, and small plants and flowers blossom, and pure water flow.

Politicians and influential people should not create hate. Harmony and love are great weapons for the world to become a far better place. Religion keeps us away from each other, Humans should avoid conflict over religion, it is a man-created tool to dominate society. Nature treats us all equally and that’s the reason why people from all the different religions breathe the same air, drink the same water, and live on the same earth. Why have all the religions or all the different gods not created different air or water for their people? Because it is not in human capacity to divide nature, they will not talk about this.

I have already mentioned that all the different religions people should walk together (Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc.). They breathe the same air and won’t be able to have disputes about air because they can’t. Nature (five elements) is amazing, and it is our mother and father. It is created by the universe, the Solar cycles, and a limitless universe. All religions were just born a few thousand years ago. Yes, our faith and love towards any god should be unconditional and we all respect that, but we shouldn’t fight over that otherwise God will be laughing at us, maybe even calling us idiots, and may have already abandoned us. 

I am not criticizing any religion, but it is so unfortunate to see influential people and political extremists using religion as a tool for their gain which is so sickening, and one day the world will pay a big price for that because nature or the universe will get sick of all these games that we humans play. Hatred paid a big price, it created WWII and almost 80 million people died, it took away 3-4% of the world's population. 

The planetary combinations are becoming negative after 2030, and I pray that nothing goes wrong with politicians or extremist groups of any religion, otherwise this time there won’t be enough people alive to bury the dead. I am always scared and worried about my prophecies, I hope we won’t see a crow sitting on a burnt tree everywhere on Mother Earth.

Let's spread love so that we can beat the hate and extremism of any religion. Selfless devotion toward god is love, and creating madness towards God is extremism. God wants selfless devotion, not extremism. Rise above religions and we will find the meaning of the real God.

I don’t want to talk about this anymore, let's talk about finances and how the markets, commodities, Currencies, bonds, and Crypto will behave this week. Here is the weekly newsletter from the 1st to the 5th of April:

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma