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Small part of weekly newsletter 6-10 Sep...our special offer will end Tuesday 10.00 AM PST...

Weekly Newsletter from 6-10 September     

15 September will be date to watch…our special offer will expire on Tuesday 10.00 AM PST time…


Dear Members,   

This week Mars and Venus changing house will be supportive for the world but still the world needs Jupiter in Pisces which will happen in April 2022 to get world in the normal order. Covid-19 situations will be finally come back under control and travel will return to normal, so we expect the world to get normal in April 2022.

Currently Jupiter is in retro positions and will move in Capricorn on 14th September but then it will move back to Aquarius. Jupiter is not in a commanding position to take control yet, so Saturn is dominating the astro chart right now.

Last week USA markets performed well, and some profit booking came in the USA market on Friday after an unexpected drop in job numbers. European market struggled, and Japanese market made big rally on Friday and the rest of emerging markets also performed well. 

Friday precious metals rebounded strongly after job number. Gold and silver are at important juncture, and we will be monitoring trend closely. Grains and softs acted mix; oil markets also acted mixed but natural gas remained firm.

Dollar index remained under pressure as expected, you need to remember that our view is mixed overall in USD; neither will it fall below 89.38 nor will it go above 94.55 level. We recommend staying a medium term trader in the currency market.

Right now, S&P is trading above 4488 level which is very positive news for investors. Valuations are rising for most of the frontline stocks especially tech, and selected areas like fintech and medical device stocks are doing well. EV area is doing well, but we must remember that this is still the starting point in EV and in the next three to five years the world will see amazing revolutions. Investors need to acquire quality lithium stocks nonstop. Many small companies are there, and they will move in multi folds if they have quality lithium deposit.

We are still not recommending investing in hotel or airline and tourism sectors because there’s a long way to go yet.

Most of you must invest wisely as still a bull market is to remain here. S&P will test 4808 level this year, and also there is very much possibility of 7500 in the next 18 months so investors investing in quality stocks will keep growing their wealth.

We are not recommending still any major allocations in Crypto currencies but surely crypto will remain in the limelight for the next ten days. I would love to watch the crypto trend once Jupiter changes house on 14th September.

I just turned 54, every day and life’s journey are getting shorter day by day. Some may get nervous when we think about the phases of life moving ahead and specially during the Pandemic because lot of uncertainty is out there. Yes, there is no doubt that life is very precious, and every moment is great to learn from. Whether we like it or not, but we will depart one day so let’s enjoy, learn, and understand from every moment of life. Keep away all negativity because we don’t want negativity to allow to enter because once negativity enters then it will keep dominating our actions and thought process. Yes, always do good deeds and sharing with others will always keep our good part within us alive and it will keep blossoming.

On Monday the USA market will remain closed but the rest of global markets will remain open so lets talk about all different financial instruments because each week is important, and how all the different market act under currently planetary positions shapes the future coming trend.

Our 20% extra time (one year subscriptions will give 72 days extra) on each subscriptions offer will expire on Tuesday, you can subscribe or extend your services by 10.00 AM Tuesday PST. This offer is not valid for personal client and corporate client as we are not taking new clients.

Watch the important Support & Resistance levels for this week (6 – 10 September 2021):

Important note: Closing above resistance for the three days will be great bullish sign and closing below three days will be bearish sign and this apply to every market below here mentioned ranges.

Here is this week newsletter from 6-10 September 2021, weekly trend for metals, indexes, energy, currencies, grains, softs, bond & Crypto currencies…

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma