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Small part of weekly newsletter 4-8, metals, energy, softs, grains, currencies and Bond market traded as predicted...

Metals and markets recovered which is good news but still…


Dear Members,   

The Astro time cycle is presenting some concerns for the future and warning us to be prepared to keep up with the changes and adapt. We are part of the whole cycle system and we need to adopt things that are happening around us, from changes in technology; education; the political system; government laws and regulations; medicine; food; lifestyle; the younger generations thinking process; changes in social and religious patterns; and list goes on. One thing that is for sure is that whether we like it or not, we adopt whatever changes come because we are made to believe that these changes are supposed to be good.

There is no doubt that many of these changes have made human life easier and better, but many of these changes have trapped us or made us handicapped. Look at today’s world, power is one of the most important elements that we have created, and without it our life can stop right here, right now. If power goes out then no computers or mobiles will work and I think everything will stop functioning, from banking to communication, transport to even buildings, microwaves, dishwashers, fans, AC’s, and the list goes on. Airport, trains, and offices will shut down. Yes, power is one of the most crucial things that we have created and now we see a small power crisis in China, and not only China but the rest of the world is worried about it. 

Yes, now we realize why alternative energy sources are important, but we have created so much consumption that all these alternative energy sources are not enough, and that is what we are experiencing.

EV is coming, in the next 10 years it will replace a substantial percentage of gas/diesel vehicles. EV will suck a big amount of electricity and we hope that the world is prepared for this. We need to move fast, surely battery technologies will keep improving, and may become very energy efficient, but we still need to watch because everything that is automations will always require power. The cost of power will keep going higher, and then we may think in a different way. We may try to find a cheaper way to combat the shortage of power. There is no doubt that nuclear energy is much more sustainable than all the other modes of power, but there are also very huge risks is involved.

It is time for the world to invest in power and battery technologies, also other alternative clean energies are required. Battery technology can play a very pivotal role in supporting our needs. Power storage will play a crucial role in the coming time. The current power shortage in China is a small trailer, and we need to wake up. Each and every country needs to be self-sufficient because power or electricity is a crucial element to run our daily lives.

Let me come back to the financial market. Last week the markets tested the lower side levels and bounced back from 4271 which is great news because we mentioned that S&P won’t go below 4271, and that is why buying was recommended around this level.

On other hand Gold and Silver bounced back from lower levels on Thursday and Friday which is also good news and it looks like that gold will hold $1740 and silver $22.28. Watch this week closely as precious metals holding their lows will confirm that the worst is over for them.

Oil prices moved higher and still have the power to move even higher. Watch $78.78 and $82.19, as these are the tops that we are predicting. Gas achieved our higher side levels of $6.38 and now volatility will continue.

Soy products lost value due to soy meal crushing plants shut down in China, but corn and wheat moved higher. We are expecting the upwards move in grains to continue for the medium to longer term.

Coffee moved sharply higher after Indonesia export numbers and damage in Colombia. Our view is still positive, but we need to watch $217 closely as it is an Astro resistance level. Cotton also tested our higher side target of $108.

Dollar performed well last week, and as expected profit booking also started from Friday. A top has been achieved for the time being, but we need to watch carefully.

Thirty Year bond tested our predicted lower side target of 160-00.

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Thanks & God Bless