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Small part of this weekly letter from 15-19 March... managing Life and financial are important task...

Dear Members,

I would like to share small part of this week’s weekly newsletter here below:

Weekly Newsletter from 15-19 March    

On request of many we added Crypto sections in our weekly letter…


Dear Members,

Many say that investment is the simplest job, you can just invest and stay on the sidelines without doing anything. I think life is not that simple because we are connected to all other living things on this planet either directly or indirectly. In my view investment and trading is the most challenging job because it plays with our emotions, patience, greed, and regrets because 365 days a year 24/7 a day the worlds time cycle is changing, and we are moving along with this cycle every second. Every small news impacts the market, and this news can influence and often force us to make decisions.

Late last year one of my longer-term members said “Mahendra, I wanted to hold your recommended stock investments for the longer period, but Covid-19 news forced me to sell everything and then I was not able to buy due to fear”. Yes, in life sometimes world events, personal circumstances, and sometime external issues occur and play a role in changing our path.

The markets and our mind are both very sensitive and one can get carried away. In between Jan-May 2005 with the help of nature I was able to achieve 13200% returns, and after 2006 I decided to quit the market because of my personal astro cycle. After the Pandemic I started trading in a small way, and soon in the next few years I will start trading the market actively again. I think when I was trading the market actively, it was fun because emotions were at their peak, I was so excited that I wouldn’t sleep well as I was just thinking about the markets and what the next trade is. I think I got carried away because I was young and had too much energy. My priorities started changing because my spiritual awareness remained on the sidelines and I was driven by greed and excitement. It was a unique time, and I had a lot of fun, but then I realized that life has be to be balanced regardless of failure and success then I stared giving back respect to nature and adopted a calm path.

Yes, I would like to come back to the market, but this time my approach will be different. Most of you also might have had a same kind of experience in the past because you invest and trade in market. I think our approach has to be more serious than volatile because we don’t want to stray from our center which you can call soul. When we are around the center point then we always remain conscious and aware. We don’t want to disconnect from ourselves which will not allow ignorance to control us.

Making money is one thing, but how we use it is a different thing. I promise you we can make an unlimited amount of money by just following the Astro cycle, but you need to remember that you need to share part of that money, and give back to nature, take care of the needy, fulfill your dreams in a reasonable way, don’t demand too much from nature and I am telling you life will become very beautiful, investment will become the happiest job, and you will find joy and fulfilment in life.

The more you promise to share, the more successful you will become because nature will fill back in ten folds what you give away. This time my priority will be different, we shall remain humble, pure, and aware that we are approaching the final destination. Our astro cycle theory is uncanny and has been guiding us very accurately. I don’t think any other theory can guide us this well. Please respect our work and don’t share it with others for free. You can surely let them know about our work and then leave the decision on of whether to follow us or not on them.

Let’s come back to the market because a very interesting time era is starting for the global market. People, and the business world is looking forward to the world reopening and everything going back to normal which shall happen by the end of June. The wearing of mask may remain with us for some time, but I am looking forward to the second half of 2021.

 2021 Financial Prophecies” We entered the most important astro cycle, it looks like our book is revealing the future amazingly, and I am sure most of the buyers must be very happy. I stated that every penny invested in our book will save or give you millions. Nature is so kind, it was narrating 2021 and I was just playing a role of a typist. It is must have book if any one has even small investment in market.

Here is this week’s weekly newsletter from 15-19 March 2021 for metals, indexes, energy, currencies, grains, softs and bonds

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma