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Small part of Fridays daily flashnews, next week looks very crucial and interesting for global markets....Gold era started

Friday’s Daily Flashnews (Unedited)

Fantastic move in the market in favor of the bull as predicted…


Dear Members, 

On Thursday market moved sharply higher on the most important Astro-positive day which we mentioned yesterday in the daily letter as well as in this week’s weekly newsletter.

Markets performing positively is great news for bulls and bullish trends as the market can move next level without any major break.

Looking at what we mentioned on Saturday last week when we finished the weekly newsletter, we can clearly see how accurately the weekly newsletter guide investors to make bets well in advance, and that is the reason our weekly newsletter is one of the most popular services among wall-street traders and institutions.   

Here below a small part of the Index sections from the weekly newsletter:

Here are this week’s Astro combination indications:

On Monday, the markets will open uncertainly, but there is a possibility that the markets will close stably.

On Tuesday, an uncertain trend may come, but buying is recommended on any weakness.

On Wednesday, we see the markets gaining some momentum in tight trading ranges.

On Thursday, we see the market gaining big value; buy on weakness.

On Friday, a mixed trend is expected, but the lower side will remain limited.


On Thursday commodities traded mix, oil tested the lower side and bounced back and is now at crucial levels. Grains traded mix and metals also acted as a mix but precious metals are holding value as predicted, must-read metals sections of 2023 Financial Predictions. We will write a note for metals in next week's letter. 

Currencies gained small value and the Thirty Year bonds traded a bit negatively.

Next week is one of the most important weeks as the FED will decide rate decisions.

From September 2022, we predicted we don’t see a rate hike and if they do then situations will quickly that FED will start rolling back. Only the FED is to be blamed for uncertainty in the financial system because they went too fast to curb inflations. The Inflations issue came because of too much liquidity during the covid era, too low rates, and supply chain issues. The bond market went crazy, financial situations started having issues if they were on the wrong side of the in bond trade.

So far since Mars and Sun changed house on 12 March started supporting tech stocks as predicted which is great news. Focus on frontline tech stocks as they are our top pick. Once again I am not worried about banking crises as we have never recommended buying banks, our favorites are tech stocks and we will focus on frontline tech stocks.

Follow the “2023 Financial Predictions” monthly outlook for each section. It is time to focus 100% on MahendraProphecy’s work.

We mentioned two months ago that S&P gained from a low of 3496 to 4111. It tested 4195 on the higher side and now it’s in correction mode. We still believe S&P is an excellent buy around 3900 if it comes around this level in 2023.

Friday’s trends for all the commodities, markets, currencies, & Bonds:

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma