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Small first sections of weekly newsletter from 7-11 June...mega bull run in silver can start so watch carefully...

Dear Members,

Positivity is overruling negativity which is great sign for investors. We are strongly recommend staying long in market and precious metals. Read our weekly newsletter carefully because what we see that comes true then Silver and gold may test historic high.

I happy to put first sections of this week’s weekly newsletter here:

Weekly Newsletter from 7-11 June    

Commodities will remain in volatile trend, but still precious metals will remain our favorite…


Dear Members,   

Picture 1This week after mediating I was reading the Astro combinations about the future of the financial market. There is no doubt that most of the things we saw unfolded in the last Thirty Year’s, but now it is important to talk about the future because it doesn’t matter how accurate I was in past, it important how accurately I guide you from here onwards. I will come back to the EV sector because it is one of the most revolutionary developments that has taken place in the auto industry in the last hundred years, and we are very grateful to our theory because we saw and predicted this in 2004/5. Today the world is ready to adopt this change, people started buying EV cars, and within the next five years most of the developed and developing countries will have EV’s everywhere. We need to focus on battery and charging, and these are two key important areas to grow unbelievably, but also the technology part in EV area will grow to the next level. Auto drive or driverless will be the next generation phenomena so the semiconductor industry will play a key role. There is no doubt that the semiconductor industry can move another 10 folds.

EV is not the topic for this week’s newsletter, I want to discuss what we stated six years ago regarding the valuation of companies. Yes, we recommended experts to change the valuation method for companies and when too much money is available then it is easy for the wealthy to acquire any cheap available products, or companies because to build that same product in a new era is a big headache, and quite time consuming.

Now we fear inflation or that everything will get very expensive, from commodities to housing, or even labor, and these are new challenges that are developing in the financial market. We can see during the last one-year commodities prices are moving higher non-stop which is impacting everything else, so we either accept these higher prices as a part of daily life or chose an alternative but to develop alternative takes time. We humans are interesting because we are experts at choosing alternatives, and then we bring that alternative to its best quality. Though it won’t be easy to relace grains, coffee, or any agriculture item because it is impossible to replace them, or the cost of the alternative will be too high.

The way inflation and commodity prices are rising is surely creating some concerns, especially for the EV sector when battery metals come from a mine. If lithium, cobalt, graphite, and nickel prices move in multi-fold’s then battery cost could go higher and make EV cars more expensive.

I have been recommending acquiring key mining companies that are key suppliers of these EV battery materials because that rush is yet to start, and I see these stocks can move in many folds as they will be at the center of demand.

On the other hand, the masses are ganging up against wall-street bears and pushing stock prices higher regardless of whether those companies are doing well, whether they are earning money or not, it is just a gambling kind of revolution coming on Wall-street. Look at the Reddit group Wall-Street Bets, these young people are betting anywhere on the messages from key people. Bears started bleeding and are really losing a great amount of money against the crowd. Those who used to write calls against their holdings also lost a great money-making opportunity. People who have really done well are those who remained invested.

A very interesting time started in 2009, and this era will continue until 2028 or 2029. This era will end very badly. We are still somewhere in the middle of the cycle which started in 2009, and we need to experience the bullish trend and then the euphoric cycle in which any valuation does not matter. Fundamental’s won’t matter, only money power will matter, but at the end that will also end very badly.

Bubble will peak and money Euphoria will end at the end of Aries Saturn: Saturn is in Capricorn, and it will move to Sagittarius, and then to Pisces, things will still be under control, but then things will start getting out of hand during Saturn in Aries. Money will be keep flowing, and even dust will cost a lot, and things will be so ridiculously expansive.

Central Banks Balance Sheets will start getting out of hand and it will be the biggest blow in the history of most of the financial markets. No one will hold even a single stock, and the valuation of companies will be murdered. Corporates will start bursting and unemployment will move higher in multi-folds. I am really concerned for the financial world in the coming time. I feel proud on the Astro cycle theory, as because of this theory we predicted and identified the internet bull era in 1996. We predicted a crash in internet stocks in 2000, and again in 2003 we recommend investing money in the market. In 2008 we once again predicted a great crash in the financial market and from March 2009 we non-stop predicted a great bull era and are still predicting that this bull era in the equity market will continue. We have already predicted that 2028 and 2029 will be the worst years for the market so watch this prediction closely. Before this time starts, just cash in from the market and enjoy your life. 

There is a possibility that gold can test $3000 to $5000 in the next five years, Silver can move above its historic high which means above $50 is easily possible, and many other commodities can keep moving higher and higher. Hyperinflation is coming and coming very fast so traders need to take this into account.

2021 Financial Prophecies” We entered the most important astro cycle, and it looks like our book is revealing the future amazingly. I am sure most of the buyers must be incredibly happy. I stated that every penny invested in our book will save or earn you millions. Nature was so kind to narrate 2021, I was merely playing the role of the typist. It is a must have book for anyone who has even a small investment in the market.

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Mahendra Sharma, 6th June 2021