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Simplicity of Ratan Tata...this life is worth living...2022 is starting and markets are ready for all challenges...

Weekly Newsletter from 3-7 January     


It will be challenging time for investors in 2022…


Dear Members,   

After watching Ratan Tata celebrate his 84th birthday alone with Harsh Goenka young boy at his home clearly tells us that nature has giving us the limitation of time, and even though we all have countless dreams to fulfill, the limitation of our lifetime comes in between. I am always in search of and trying to find the answer to the riddle that is this life, if reincarnation exists, if we have previous lives, and where we will be in the next life if there is any. It is very clear that we just remember what happens in the current life and then there is just a disconnection after we depart. It is wishful thinking that it would have been great if we could have carried our memories into the next life but that is not possible.

It is clearly natures way of telling us that this is the only life we own from the day of our birth to our last day, and nature provided us with control to make all kinds of actions knowingly (Mentally, emotionally, and physically).

It is a deep-thinking process, which could reveal many answers if someone goes in depth to resolve the mystery of life. In my understanding we should be making ourselves happy because happiness represents fulfilment (inner and outer).

We should be able to guide our minds through the unique power of our soul, so emotions shouldn’t be taking over our mind. This all reminds us that remaining happy and content with complete awareness will be the first small step towards justifying this life because if we can’t make ourselves happy then how will we be able to make others happy. Once we achieve fulfillment then all the other moves will come slowly but surely in the right direction.

This is one life we all aware of and we are witnessing our present in this beautiful world so please remain happy. It is worth living this one life and waiting for whatever number of days, weeks, months, and years are pending. Natures time cycle can bring some battles in life like (emotional, financial, ill health) but these battles are worth fighting with good spirit. We all have a great reason to look forward to each day with excitement because we all should feel that it is worth waiting for, so please enjoy each day of this beautiful life, try to remove sadness, vengeance, and disappointment from this life and then we will have a lot of room for other great things to fill or decorate this life.

We have been waiting with excitement for 2022, and now 2022 is here. I really enjoyed writing the 2022 book; it was a great pleasure for me because I was just trying to reveal what nature was holding in secret. I am sure I have done justice to 2022 with a detailed monthly outlook for metals, markets, currencies, energy, grains, softs, bond, crypto and many more. Our 16th Book “2022 Financial Predictions” will be out on 5th January 2022. Every one of our books has provided great guidance to investors over the last twenty years, and I hope that this book will also provide you with great insight of what will be happening in the financial world during 2022. I have tried my best to make sure that every penny of you spend on this book is worth 100 or 1000 times.

Here are last 15 books track records with right and wrong predictions, but we are happy that most of the time nature has kept us on right side:

Covid-19 Cases are rising again but this is the final wave which is a sign of the end of Covid-19 which we are expecting in the end of April 2022. From May 2022 onwards normal life is expected.  

Watch the important Support & Resistance levels for this week (3 – 7 Dec 2021): 

Important note: Closing above the resistance levels for three days will be a very bullish sign and closing below these levels for three days will be bearish sign. This applies to every market mentioned below so here are the ranges.

This week’s weekly newsletter for metals, markets, currencies, energy, grains, softs, bond, and crypto from the 3rd – 7th of January 2022.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma