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Today's Trade & News

Silver buying for short term

Dear Members,
Monday metals traded weak as predicted but Tuesday metals will recover specially silver so watch silver closely as it can move higher sharply. One can take small buying position in silver and sell gold as this will be a good hedging and by end of day you will make good profit with out any tension.
Grains are on fire but planets are saying inside weak story will expose soon. As mentioned in newsletter they can start falling down any time but surely from next Monday.
Book profit in Coffee, cotton and sugar. Avoid orange Juice and lumber.
Buy thirty treasury bond at 115.15 as I see sharply moving up from here.
Oil will trade mix so no need to trade today, medium term it is entering in bear cycle from Wednesday.
Solar stocks started giving positive sign so those who were thinking of taking position in it shall buy it on Tuesday. USA stock looks great.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, 25 Feb 07.00PM