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NVDA is to reach $3 Trillion as predicted two months back…

Dear Members,

Six weeks months mentioned that I don’t know the reasons why NASDAQ will test 18000 soon and then 35000.  We kept saying to keep accumulating Semiconductor stocks. Our favorites were NVDA and AMD. Two weeks back we said that NVDA to become the world’s top valuable company may reach a $3 trillion market cap. This week we recommended buying NVDA and SPLK top picks from earning list and so far they are rocking. Many doubted our predictions of the amazing bull market in USA stocks and still, they doubt it but we trust 100% our work more than my own life so keep building long positions in great US stocks.

Our top pick NVDA moved almost 27% after earnings, and our other top pick SMCI gained almost 100% in the last one month. AI is creating a new world and we all have to recognize, there will be lost good and some bad may happen because of AI but still, over time, it will help us.

I would like to share important first sections of our weekly newsletter, keep following our recommendations. Ten top stocks you need to buy for the next five years to create a great amount of wealth as an amazing bull market is coming in many USA stocks so focus on stock specific rather than the whole market.

A great era of silver is also coming, just wait and watch our buying levels closely.

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Mahendra Sharma