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S&P toward 7500...small part from last weeks weekly newsletter...

Dear Members,

Small first part from the last week newsletter, I am sure you will get some clue.

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Here is small part from the last week letter:

Weekly Newsletter from 5 - 9 July    

Great money-making opportunity is coming in market and commodities…


Dear Members,   

Last week the US market performed amazingly well, S&P closed in the green for seven days in a row. Every one of our predicted targets in S&P and NASDAQ have been achieved. I am sure most of you must have done very well and we should all thank the Astro theory. Now S&P will achieve 4359 and NASDAQ 14775 which we predicted, and once S&P and Nasdaq close above these levels then we may see another 7% move on the higher side in the month of July or by the first week of August.

Last week on Thursday and Friday Precious metals performed very well as predicted. Gold and silver recovered value and held the lower side level of $25.61 and $1761 which is great news, and we can confirm that a bottom has been formed in precious metals.

An interesting time era is starting because silver will take the lead and gold will follow silver. We are recommending keeping invested in silver. The Astro cycle is clearly indicating one of the best moves in silver is on the way. Get ready, plan your trades well as many of you may make a fortune in the coming time.

Another two and half weeks are pending before Mars changes its house. I would like to see Mars changing its house from Cancer to Leo. I think the time for celebration is on the way from the 20th of July because Mars moving in Leo will be bring great news for humankind as we may see many countries relaxing covid-19 restrictions. This means that flights, hotels, and other activities will soon start. I humbly bow to Mars and pray that it brings normalcy back into the world. Let children go back to school and play with their friends, let people travel freely and enjoy their time with nature, allow close ones to come together during celebrations and tough times.

Isolated life is not easy, and though I have spent over 15 years in kind of an isolated life, and I quite enjoy it, but many times I feel I missed many things that the normal world does. Yes, I have traveled widely, and enjoyed many different parts of the world. Once again, I would like to go and spend time with nature once things become normal.

Many children who were born during the last three years, or young kids who were supposed to join school have missed that experience to make new friends during the innocent age. We also missed many things during the last fifteen months and the list goes on. In the last fifteen months surely many of us might have gained in many ways, going through something which has not been experienced in the past many generations.

Covid-19 will end by 2022 September, I would like to see Jupiter entering Pisces which will bring mindboggling results for humankind and the financial market.

People say that the market is only for rich people, and I always argue, I tell people to put even a small amount of money in the market. Just imagine, if someone started investing even $2000/year from 2009 in stocks like AMZN, APPLE or any other, they would have made a great amount of money by now, so building a portfolio is not a bad thing. You may not get the results soon, but surely in the longer term you will not have any regrets so please tell your close people to invest in the right and quality stocks for the longer term. It could be from Apple, AMZN, SQ, PYPL or many new disruptive companies which hold a longer-term future.

S&P is going towards 7500 soon and may top out around 15000, silver will have one of the biggest price bubbles in the coming time and many things will start moving higher. We need to plan well for the next six years and after that we want to cash in everything. I would like Mars to move out from Cancer which is happening on the 20th of July so let’s plan our trades well. From here onward we will start focusing on planning trades for next year. I want every one of my subscribers to make a fortune, and I will try my best to make that happen.

I want to create compact and small letter because my weekly newsletter is exceedingly long, so I would like to get some feedback from my members. Let me know what you want in the letter, what is it that can help you become better investors and traders so that I can design a letter for that purpose. Right now, our weekly letter is the best rated letter on wall-street as many big names subscribe to it and I get feed back from them as they are have been subscribing to it for over a few decades or more.

2021 Financial Prophecies” We entered the most important astro cycle, and it looks like our book is revealing the future amazingly. I am sure most of the buyers must be incredibly happy. I stated that every penny invested in our book will save or earn you millions. Nature was so kind to narrate 2021, I was merely playing the role of the typist. It is a must have book for anyone who has even a small investment in the market.

Watch the important Support & Resistance levels for this week (5th – 9th July 2021):

This week gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper will have up side…and lower side these will be great support levels…

Here is this week weekly newsletter from 5-9 July 2021:




USA stocks…


Oil prices…


Dollar traded as predicted but…


Weaker trend dominated in grains as predicted…


Softs to bottom out in the next…


Thirty Year bond to top out…


Bitcoin and crypto will…

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

4th July 2021, 03:00 PM, PST