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Reached USA - Here is predictions on unpredictable market

Dear Friends,

I reached USA safely and I am in California.

Dear Members,
I write this newsletter with calm and peace despite having received numerous emails and lots of information from various analysts and experts regarding the prevailing trend in the gold market. Most of the communication that I have is scary and has got a dismal outlook for the future of gold's trend. For the first time in the last three years I have noticed that the gold community and investors are completely taken up by the downward trend being experienced and almost everyone is in a state of profound confusion. Somewhere in their hearts there is a lurking fear that the best days for gold are gone and that the Bull Run is over. There seems to be a conviction at the back of their minds that we have not yet seen the worst of the downward trend and that gold will continue to drastically tumble in the coming times.

For the last 48 hours, this is the kind of information that I have been getting. However, I neither follow the gold community nor do I abide by the analysis of gold experts. Though today is a Sunday, I am sitting in my office peacefully writing this newsletter. I do not want to hear noise or see many conflicting paths and get confused as a result. I walk in only one path; the path of astrology.

So once again, let us now see what the next week heralds for the unpredictable world financial markets.

Predictions for 3rd May to 7th May:
During this week, gold will move in both directions and result in a lot of confusion for both buyers and sellers. However, this is the final week in which uncertainty will prevail. From Monday to Wednesday gold will trade in the range of $384 to $396, the prices remaining uncertain on Monday but on a rising trend on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, uncertainty in the prices will creep in once again. If gold opens weak, they’re the probability of prices going to $380. Those who are looking for investment in gold and stocks can wait for a few more days while those on the lookout for long-term investment can enter on Friday.

Those looking for short term trading can buy on Monday in the last hour of New York trading and sell on Wednesday during the opening session. On Thursday and Friday I expect fluctuations because rumours and negative news (because of negative Moon) may circulate and put pressure against the gold prices.

Those that firmly believe in gold and have faith in my predictions have got nothing to worry about after this week.
A real bull run for gold will soon start. As I predicted a while back, a time is approaching when gold prices will rise in leaps of $30-50 in a single day. In view of this, how then can the gold Bull Run be over? I have full confidence in my predictions and this one will also be fulfilled soon.

Just as in gold, I have received similar emails intimating that the silver Bull Run is also over and that it will only start rising from next year. However, astrological calculations indicate a dissenting opinion concerning this. I agree that the initial Bull Run for silver is ended, but that was just the first phase. The intermission between the end of the first phase and the commencement of the second phase will be 27 days. The second phase of the Bull-run will start in the second week of May and it will continue till next year. Until 12th May silver prices will move both sides (up and down). Those playing with margin money or stop-loss may suffer badly. Why don't we therefore wait till the safer time after 12th May.

For this week, I expect silver prices to rise to $6.48 while on the downside it could go to $5.84. Volatility is already indicating in silver prices and only the very lucky will benefit in short term trading. For those that believe that the silver Bull Run is over, I hope that they do not short at this level otherwise they might be wiped off, since prices will move up after 12 May.

In the second week of May I shall write in detail concerning both gold and silver. As you are aware, my book predictions have not recommended trading in metals from 2 April to 10 May since this would be the most uncertain period for metal prices. We are just one week to the conclusion if this period.

Palladium and Platinum

Stay away from both of these commodities. I shall inform you when the right time to enter approaches.

Note: Metal stocks will bottom out within the next 5 days - great buying opportunity is indicating.

During the last week, no major changes have occurred in the prices. The situation will remain the same during this week. Those that are holding buying positions in the Euro, Pound, Swiss Franc and the Japanese Yen can wait for one more week because beginning next week, the dollar will start another downward trend.
For the last three years I have been accurate on the currencies but for the first time, the last eight weeks have been wrong. This is since I recommended buying the Euro at 1.23 and the Pound at around 1.83 after I predicted to sell Euro and Pound at 1.30 and 1.90 against US$. In reality however, the currencies have been trading below my projected > levels.

Stock Markets

Last week I felt and clearly saw the trend that I have now been predicting for six months. There are strong indications that my prediction of a major stock market collapse is not far from fulfillment. Last week I predicted that there might be an upward trend because planet Mars was trying to play a supportive role but failed. Mars will persist in this role for the next two weeks and any rise of 3 or 4% will be a great opportunity to sell index or stocks as I expect the start of a false bull run.

World Events
The next 12 days are bad for world peace and many might die in different incidents. For the first time I felt irritated by the statement from Tony Blair in which he reiterated that they would bring peace to Iraq and rebuild the country. I must have heard this assertion for the hundred of time and cannot help but wonder how it is that they can only see Iraq when millions of people in Africa and elsewhere are suffering from AIDS, poverty and famine.
World powers are reluctant to deal with these causes in Africa, instead preferring to put Iraq first and committing resources and their egos to bringing more instability to the world. I pray for wisdom and understanding for the world leaders so that they may get their priorities in order and work for the right causes. Out of the 6 billion people on earth, the world key leaders are focused on Iraq. The consequences of the situation we are in today will affect the world in future by resulting in insecurity for the generations to come. As I have always said, the future of a country and for world peace squarely lies in the hands of its leaders. Any mistakes that leaders commit by commission or omission have the potential to raise threats to the stability of whole regions and the world in general.

We should all be united in prayer for the peace of the world as we are all part of the same family of humanity. We should regard each other as brothers and sisters who share a common home in the world and knit together by the firm bond of love for one another.

NOTE: From next week I will be in the USA for seven weeks and will soon write more details concerning my trip.

Thanks and God Bless,

Mahendra Sharma.
Predicted - 02 May 2004 Nairobi