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Rally which we predicted from S&P 2380 to achieve 3209.and it got achieve...are are few things to know...

Dear Members,

One of the most powerful rally investors have witnessed in S&P in from 2300, it was one of the best predictions we have made in 2020 so far apart from buying oil at $9.55 with higher target $40.11 which is also almost got achieved. We predicted market to bottomed out on 23rd March and we stated that market can test 3098 to 3209 level, both these targets got achieved. This small part of this week letter from index section:

There is a possibility that S&P may test 3098 and on the higher side by 15th June it may even test 3209 if S&P remains 3095. On the lower side S&P may hold 2991. NASDAQ can test an all time high during this week. Most of you are aware that I predicted that NASDAQ could reach 10550 in this rally.

Another most accurate trend predicted was in Brazilian real, Mexican Peso and South African Rand, all these currencies gained around 20% in the last one month which beyond anyone imaginations.

I am starting to write next week newsletter; I am extremely excited about next week. I do not think anyone in Wall-street or in any other financial market any exert predicted in March what we stated about oil, market and currency, these are great predictions and history will remember these predictions. It is not my ego, it just shows that how much I trust my astro-cycle theory and always predict without any fear, love or hate.  

Somebody just made us aware about few poeople those who coping our work so be aware about these few fraud people (one guy from Indore, Bengal and Chennai), who are coping our work and posting on their website by claiming that they are predicting market trends but they are not. It is so sick and shameful as these kind of sick people are there. 

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma