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Predictions on China’s Coronavirus: How bad it will be and when it will be curable and what market will do from here…

Dear Friends,

I have been receiving tons of emails asking about what the end result of Coronavirus will be; whether it take thousands of lives in China and Globally? Many are also asking about what impact it will have on the markets. Many are concerned about a global recession. Many said that it is the end of the bull-era and now that our original target of 3200 in S&P has been achieved there is no need to raise a new target.

I went through most of these emails one by one and decided to write one common message addressing all the questions about the Coronavirus.

Over the last 35 years I have predicted most of the global events, but after 9/11 I stopped predicting global events because I want to make predictions where people are dying, there’s scarcity, fear, and pain, but the Coronavirus issue needs an answer so I will give my astrological outlook about when the virus will end, and what the impact of this disease will be on China and the global economy.

I never explain how I read the astro combinations, but for the first time I have decided to disclose how I have interpreted the astro combinations. Before I write predictions let’s pray for everyone who is infected with this disease, and we wish them a fast and healthy recovery, and happy healthy life.  

On 4th November 2019 as per the Vedic astrology, Jupiter joined Saturn in the house of Sagittarius where the South Node was already situated. Saturn and the South Node are friends with each other, but the both are not friendly with Jupiter, and they were in Jupiter’s house (Sagittarius). As soon as Jupiter joined them, it created an unhealthy environment, and a fight started in the house of Sagittarius. Planets use their own weapon to damage or protect the house from they are transiting through. Saturn and the South Node gave birth to disease to destroy the house of Sagittarius, but then Saturn moved out of Sagittarius on the 24th of January 2020, so the disease got exposed in a big way, and fear and uncertainty started globally.

Now Jupiter needs to take control of its house, but to take control it needs to diffuse the South Node’s impact.

The second move was the Sun which entered Capricorn on 15th January 2020, and Saturn joined the Sun in Capricorn on the 24th January 2020. In Vedic astrology, both these planets are enemies, but Hindu mythology says that their relations is father and son, the Sun is the father of Saturn. As soon Saturn entered the house with the Sun, it created some Panic because Saturn (Son) needs to reveal to the Sun (father) what it has done while it was with Jupiter. Even though Saturn is the Son of Sun, the house of Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so the Sun won’t be able to do much to calm down the situation. The Sun will be out of house of Capricorn on the 15th of February 2020, which means it will pass some order to Saturn to bring justice before it moves out. 

On the other hand, Mars is changing its house on 7th February 2020, and joining Jupiter in the house of Sagittarius, which will give a major boost to Jupiter, and nullify the negative effect of the South Node.

After doing my math adding the positive effects and subtracting the negative effects, here is the final verdict or prediction on Coronavirus:

If I am making all the major astro calculations correctly then I expect the first positive outcome or news from China to come on the 8th of February 2020.

From the 16th of February 2020 more positive news of controlling Coronavirus.

The world will be fear free from the 26th of February 2020 once the Sun crosses 13 degrees in Aquarius, so the world or China will head back to its normal path in the month of March. All offices and business will back to normal, so this is good news as per my calculations.

The Equity market will act far better in the month of March. Read our Daily Flashnews or Weekly newsletter carefully.

A big negative wave is coming for China as per our book: In our book “2020 Financial Prophecies” we mentioned that the worst time cycle for China is starting from the end of 2022. It will be an economic disaster which may create a global recession. In our book we also mentioned that Feb 2020 could be a negative month for the global market so if you have even $1000 invested in the market, commodities, or in currencies, then this year’s book “2020 Financial Prophecies” is a must buy, and you must go through each line very carefully. This book will not only make you money but save you money by guiding to avoid certain months and certain market, commodities and currencies.  

Once again let’s pray for everyone who is infected with this disease, and we wish them a fast and healthy recovery, and happy healthy life.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

Predicted: 2 February 2020, 1.30 PM California