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Part of this Week's Newsletter

Dear Members,
The reason that I was not able to send an alert last week is that I am at my Guru's Place, which is located a very remote place in India. Indeed I am sending this brief newsletter from an internet cafe.
Metal markets are absolutely contrary to what I initially saw concerning the overall trend for 2006, and this is making me very uncomfortable as my advice is not fruitful at this stage. Until I am right, I don't recommend aggressive trading based on my advice in regard to metals.
This week's newsletter - Predictions for 9 to 14 April 2006
Gold's trading was mixed during the last week though it hit a multi year high of nearly 24 years. This week should trade up on Monday though Tuesday will be the right time to sell gold.
A weak trend is indicating from Wednesday to Friday.
I see a similar trend for silver and all other metals.
WARNING - Though I have been off track on metals, traders should remember that if any fall occurs in the metals market, then it will be a very nasty one.
Crude, unleaded and heating oil should trade weak during the whole week, therefore sell on Monday.
All major stock markets touched a new high. I have also been wrong in regard to the stock market but once you see a weak sign, then don't wait for my alert to sell the market.
This week grains should trade strong especially Wheat and Corn. Soybean will also trade positively. Indeed, I should be adding more position during this week.
For the last few months all major currencies have been trading directionless and traders (buyers/sellers) are very nervous. I am holding the dollar and will soon add some more this week.
All the fundamentals are negative for the dollar but I am still not negative. This week the Dollar will rise again against all second run currencies. The fall of the South African Rand is on the cards and it could reach $6.80 in a short period.
Finally, I am having a spiritual time but will still do my Karma. I shall try my best to send you more updates during this week.      
Thanks & God bless
9 April 2006