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Today's Trade & News

Panic in metals & Market soon..

Dear Members,
Gold and all other metals are trading down drastically. Gold is around $396.50 and also silver is down by .45 Cents.
Just now, I read charts and it shows great buying opportunity at this level.
Today I was expecting metal rise but one negative combination try to make metal investors confuse.
Nothing to worry those who are looking for 2 to three months investments.
In this week newsletter I said "If gold trades below $404 for four hours, two houses of one astrological chart, it may bring some panic to the gold investor community and prices could go down to $392."
$393 IS GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUY GOLD as well as other metals and their stocks. Take advantage of this opportunity.
Today's downward trend in metal will through out many small and big investors from market and unfortunately big people will come and manipulate metal market and those who should won't able to enter again because metal will climb from this level very strongly.
Soon we will see gold prices $448 and Silver prices above $7.00.
Metal stocks should recover today after metal market close but I am too much worry about USA stock market, I don't know how fast it can do down from this level, may be 1000 points in a week?
I will write on this tomorrow or over weekend. Please stay away from stock market buying position.
Thanks & God Bless