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Today's Trade & News

Our predicted target in gold $2145 and silver $34.48 may get achieve in the next 11 days and higher side target $2345 and $38.88 in the next...

Dear Members,

Since 2001 we have constantly been reminding our metal investors to trade metals without hate and love, without involving your emotions. Just trade along with the wave without analyzing too much. Wall-street traders were skeptical when we called gold hitting $1800 and silver $50.00.

An important note from our 2001 predictions was Gold adopting 51 years of a bullish trend with five astro wave cycles in between these 51 years. We already witnessed first the target fulfilling in 2011/12 in gold and silver. Now they are in another positive cycle since last year when Gold was $1275 and we recommended aggressive buying, which shall be ending in the next few months, but before that happens, we may see an aggressive trend coming.

Last month we mentioned that Gold may achieve $2345 and silver $38.78 on the higher sides. In the short term I will not be surprised at all if Gold tests $2129 and Silver $34.48 by the end of this month so be aware.

Buy some call options in metals and etfs. 

Grains are performing well as predicted. Buy coffee and Cotton. 

Buy today earning stock "SE", it it moved higher and it will gain more 15%. 

I strongly recommend investors to follow our weekly newsletter carefully, avoid anyone if he/she see is recommending shorting metals.

Important note: Since November 2019 we are recommending following our work seriously because we are in amazing astro cycle.

Markets are moving higher side as predicted, be aware those who are recommending shorts in markets and metals.  

Thanks & God Bless


Mahendra Sharma