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Newsletter of 23 Oct

Dear Members, 

Last week had been very interesting since I started my newsletter service. I am more concern on forthcoming epoch because it will be a very intricate time for all the investors making a right strategy for investments. It will be a great challenge for common investor’s, fund, institutions, white collar banker, stock operator, chartist, analyst and even respected financial market experts to perform in the futures coming most uncertain and unpredictable time.


Before I start writing this week predictions (newsletter) I would like to request all members to trade safely or avoid big risk because I see all the big fish (market mover or big players) are slowly trapping in cycle of Saturn and unable to perform well so, they may possibly be in hurry now to achieve a level-headed target and this might force them to gamble openly to make some quick buck by the end of the year. Make sure that you don’t become their victims. Avoid market expert’s advice letters, news, rumours or any kind of quick money making plan. There is always tomorrow and at this stage I will recommend go for long term planning (minimum three months). Early this year few of my close friends took my advised on long term basis and bought Metals, oil, sold Dollar and stock market and today they are happy, so in trading one must have long term plan and I am here to guide on that. Please ask me any question regarding market if you have. 


This is election time, oil is moving higher and higher, dollar is falling, interest rising, deifcit going sky rocket, housing bubble is about to brust, unhealthy relationship is creating enimity in world and market is in the grip of big speculators (like of Friday Google moves up $25 and all other stocks were falling, natural gas suddenly rising by 50 percent in few days, two weeks back copper drops $18 in a day) so be careful and try to avoid short term trading or trade with small money because current scenario your trade can open 10 or 20 percent up or down next day. Don't be in hurry to make money, money will come with right planning so control your eagerness on quick money making plan. Today I am talking to you as a your adviser, brother, well-wisher, astrologer, prophet or guru, whatever you think. Please forgive me if I am hearting you somewhere in my statement. 


The predictions from 25 to 29 of October.



According to this weeks planetary movement and the wave of nature indicating that gold will hit a new high of 2004. On Monday gold will start with an uncertain movement in Asia and Europe and then it will finally find an upward trend in the last two hours of trading.

Important note: Hold all your investment in gold and gold stocks.

Short term trend is up, though many are predicting downward trend. I will let you know in well advance, when to sell.


Trading range – One percent down from here and three percent up.



During this week silver prices will remain strong except on Monday it will stay volatile. Short term trader can sell silver on Friday but again in next week I well give buy signal.

Important note:  Hold your investment in silver stocks.


Trading range – Two percent down from here and six percent up.


Palladium platinum and copper

All these commodities will start rising from Tuesday. One can invest in palladium with long term planning. You can buy and hold copper till Thursday. All these commodities stocks will perform really well during this week.


Trading range – Copper- $129 to $136, Palladium $212 to $232,



This week Japanese Yen and Australian dollar will perform very strongly from TUESDAY against U.S dollar. Euro and British pound will remain Volatile against U.S dollar but will lose value against Japanese Yen. South African rand will collapse against Japanese yen and European and other currencies. Important note: Overall U.S dollar will remain week against major currencies.


Trading range – Yen can touch 105.20.



Stock market:

The most dangerous game in world financial history is about to begin. Many metal stock investors are worried about the falling of the metal stocks prices because they feel that if stock market goes down then even metal stocks will go down! But that is not the case. I see metal stocks will be the best performer sector in year 2004 and 2005 also one can add my second favourite sector (alternative energy) stocks in their portfolio.


Important note: Remain in sell position in market for medium and long term.



Beware don’t touch oil and natural gas at this level through they are in my top list of investment in long run but in a short term the prices will tumble any time. “Since last four year I have been writing that if USA want to hold supreme position in world than they must take control of oil and gold because prices would sky rocket”. Today whole world is witness but this is just starting and don’t know where gold and oil prices will go?


Soon oil money will divert in gold.



We are very near for a major price rises in grains especially in corn, soybean and wheat. You can slowly start adding corn in your portfolio. When I am giving you the best areas like gold and silver and grains for short term than why do you want to play with oil for some thousand dollar gains.




World and USA

USA can make this planet more beautiful and peaceful because it is most powerful country in the world. No country has a power to challenge USA in any areas except love. At present USA is missing lovable and warm relationship with world and this is the only a negative path which may divide this beautiful planet and this is only happening because our world leaders ego and non coopration. I have visited so many times USA, people are beautiful there, they busy in their own life, they don’t want hear any thing about war and blood because they want peace on this planet, all religion people lives there and I like USA and USA people but not government international policy. I hope soon USA may come out with new policy for world which will talk about peace, love and one world, they can do that and whole world will change before it breaks.   


I hope USA soon will spread a message of love, friendship and helping each other not the way key world leaders did in Iraq.


We should leave selfishness and must take active part in rebuilding peaceful world. We have to do that for our beautiful planet to make more beautiful as it has been given us in inheritance by the nature and universe.


Japan Quake - "2004 world and Financial prophecies" say around mid 2004 a strong earth quake will hit Japan.


Final Note - There is no question mark after gold will rise to historic high. I am not saying this week or this year but soon in few years time. Silver will follow gold like how devotee follows the GURU.



Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra 23 Oct 2004