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Today's Trade & News

Must read yesterdays update and buy ANSS, ALB, ACLS and HUBS...

Dear Members,

On Tuesday we sent an important update regarding the market and FED meeting outcome which will help you make important short-term trading decisions. Out of three recommendations SMCI earning recommendations doing very well today.

Read yesterday’s update if you member of the update sections:

We just released the lithium and EV letter, take these trades as the market is too bearish and our view is very positive as predicted from this month. We still believe lithium and EV-related areas will do amazingly well in the coming. The worst astro cycle for lithium ended on 27 April as per our last month’s letter. Read the 3-25 May lithium letter if you are a member.

Today ALB will announce earnings, buy today and keep room to add more.

Precious metals are performing very well as predicted, a new era is beginning. The selling recommendation in Oil at the $82.88 level is done very well, stay short in oil but we may recommend covering some shorts on Thursday and Friday. Gas is a great bet right at $2.21 and grains are to struggle as predicted. 

Currencies are performing as predicted, and the world is very bearish on USD, but our view is opposite from next week. Also, great trade is on the way in Thirty Year Bond.

Today many stocks will announce earnings but our favorites are ANSS, ALB, ACLS, and HUBS. Buy call options in these stocks.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma