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Today's Trade & News

Mondays alert was fantastic about turn of market, don't believe guess work of people on Jupiter and Saturn...

Fantastic recovery in market as predicted on Monday…dollar bounced as predicted is clear sign…


Dear Members,   

This update was sent on Monday before few hours of opening USA MARKET when they were trading sharply lower, from our astro support point markets rebounded very strongly as predicted so this was great update for our members.

Dear Members,

Globally markets are down on fresh concern new Covid-19 strain found in UK, Pound is down more than 300 pips and most of European markets are also down. Indian market Nifty is more than 3%. Right now USA futures are down sharply lower, but watch S&P level of $3601 level which is buying level for market but don’t hurry to buy aggressive long, surely one can take some long.

Financial stocks will perform well, which may help market and tech stocks will come forward which may reverser market. On Monday we expected some profit booking coming in markets around higher sides but no major corrections expected tomorrow so keep this in mind as market can rebound.

Metals traded very volatile including gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium and other base metals, they came down sharply lower from the higher side level. In our letter we recommended booking profit around higher side in metals and covering back in the evening sessions of USA so keep this in mind.

Most of energy market is down, stay away without taking any long on Monday, grains will struggle but buy coffee around lower sides.

Dollar Index was our favorite trade and the dollar moved aggressively higher on Monday, most currencies had worse and we are expecting this to happen on Monday. Stay away from any buying, surely short term or day traders can cover sell around lower sides.

Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions are too close to each other, both are powerful planets and they will try to show their power to each other which could be a bit uncertain as they will forget about the world temporarily so human nature will get some fear and uncertainty. Many wrong decisions will be made in the next 48 hours.

I highly recommend reading this week's weekly newsletter carefully, as most financial products have breached our lower side levels, but 6.00 AM to 9.57 AM NY time, most commodities and markets will form bottom so keep this in mind.  Moon will be testing out from the house of Aquarius and will move into the house of Pisces which will make's most of markets calm down.  

Currently S&P is at 3603, NASDAQ 12486, RUSSELL 1886 and DOW 2912.

Thanks & God Bless

On Monday many of our favorite stocks and etfs performed well like FAS, LABU, JNUG, NUGT and CLNE, JKS, PTON, PLUG, GS, JPM, PTON, QDEL, ARCT, NVCR, ROKU, FEYE, FLGT, CSTL and NTRA performed very well. PTON moved huge after market. CSTL was our last year’s pick at $21.00, and FLGT, JKS, QDEL was our pick of this year.

On Tuesday some volatility will remain but market will keep rebounding. Higher side selling is recommended in currencies, metals will still rebound from the lower side levels. Lets talk all this in each sections below.

Monday most of global markets acted both sides with rapid movements. Euro zone and UK back in deep problem with virus and lockdown which really impacted sentiment.

On Tuesday mix to positive trend will continue so stay long in market or buy long around lower side. Working from home stocks are on fire once again so stay long in PTON, OKTA, QDEL, CRWD, ZM, WORK, ONEM, DOCU, OKTA and NFLX.

Mining, financial, biotech EV, Alternative energy and tech has power to push market toward all time high. Don’t worry too much about European virus issue as vaccine have arrived so world will start getting normal place in the next three months.

On the lower side on Tuesday buy positions in the market, and day traders can book profit around the higher side, but we are not recommending any shorts in the markets remain aware of those who are advising shorting the market. Ignore their advice as over the last nine months they have kept advertising and advising shorting the market, and this advice failed miserably. Investors who listened to these misguided advisors missed a great money-making opportunity in 2020. In fact many lost fortunes by shorting the market so beware. As long as the astro cycle doesn’t turn negative, you don’t need to short the market. Yesterday’s closest combinations of Saturn and Jupiter was supposed to be very positive so ignore those who are writing that it is a negative astro combination. It was a beautiful closest conjunction of two of the most powerful slow moving planets Jupiter and Saturn, in the house of Capricorn, which great astronomical phenomena. Short term trading is only recommended with 10% of your capital.


Many FMCG and Pharma stocks lost value, but they are in our buying list in 2021 so don’t short or book profit as let dumb people sell their positions because they focus too much on short term move in market. As I said previously that “I haven’t seen anyone making money or creating wealth in day trading” and I strongly recommend remembering this. Lets short term trader to jump and down and they will keep dreaming about becoming wealth throughout their life so don’t get in to one day dream, don’t over analyze up and down of one day, just focus on market longer term trend. Don’t waste your energy and time by watching market whole day, plan your strategy to create wealth. 

Today we are recommending buying APPLE, MSFT and NFLX. We may start recommending buying stocks before opening of market every once I am back to USA.

Buy STAA, NVCR, OKTA and DOCU, these are great stocks to buy for the short term, at least 10% move on higher sides. Keep building long portfolio in stocks like AMZN, ZM and other recommended stocks.

S&P still can test 3800 I am still hopeful.  is close to 3800. Cyclical stocks are ready to make move in 2021, one can buy longer term long positions.

Last week’s recommendations one well, stay long: Stay long in BLNK, CLNE, PLUG and LABU, SOXL and FAS. Other frontline tech stocks may take lead. On Thursday Cloud stocks were on fire, NASDAQ has power to move further higher. Stay long in AMZN, ZM, DXCM, TDOC and VEEV.

Thanks & God Bless,

Mahendra Sharma