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Today's Trade & News

Metals are back in game from Tuesday as predicted, markets, energy and earning stocks recommendations...

Dear Members,

Finally, on Tuesday lower side we recommended buying precious metals, if you haven’t bought positions then time to take some positions in gold, silver and platinum. Also buy some aggressive long in mining stocks. Higher base metals will be in our selling list on late Thursday or Friday.

Grains have achieved our top sider level today so exit from grains.

Energy prices are struggling but still holding $40.11 level which is supportive news.

Currencies are gaining against USD, we still don’t see USD remaining below 92.79 level for the three days so keep this in mind.

S&P traded as predicted in the weekly newsletter on Monday and Tuesday, lower side buying is recommended.

On the other hand, LOGI on earning is done well, TMO opening higher, now time follows our earning recommendations closely. Today one can buy LRCX, ASML, AMZN, RMD. Follow our daily earning recommendations in our stock report.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma