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Important Predictions: Metals and market moving as predicted...USD Index is at crucial level...small part of daily stock report...

Dear Members,

Last week we predicted a Monster or mega rally to start in global equity market because we were aware that Mercury is changing directions on 3rd November which could push market toward all-time higher, and so far the equity market performed very well as predicted. We predicted S&P holding 3243 and moving back to 3528 level with 3800 targets.

Early this year 3800 higher side target we predicted almost every weekly newsletter of 2020 and even when we were going through Pandemic. When in March 2020 we call the bottom in S&P at 2300, at the same time we call S&P going toward 3800 which proves one of the best calls as S&P is now just 10% away from our predicted target and we still believe that this target will get achieve in 2020. Same predictions you can find in our book "2020 Financial Prophecies". As per our book, the 22nd March bear cycle ended and started the most bullish cycle. Current ninth cycle is also very bullish as per our book. Every cycle we predicted in the for markets came so accurate that it is impossible for any human being to write whole year market move in one-year advance.

Last week we recommended investors to buy stocks because we mentioned “Market to go higher regardless whoever wins USA elections”.

We are still recommending don’t short markets, surely some volatility may come next week but still remember that a 10% rally in the market is pending due to Vaccine which is about to come any time in the next two weeks.  

Our earning recommended stocks like PODD, IIPR, TTD, MELI, ROKU, NET, IRTC, SQ, ZG, TTWO, HUBS and other healthcare stocks provided amazing returns.

Important note: Since March 22nd 2020, we non-stop recommending buying stocks without any sell or short recommendations in the market. We also requested members not to listen to experts who are recommending short or sell in market and stocks. Focusing on a short-term strategy to make a few percentages by selling can make you miss great money making opportunity in the bull market. Astro cycles are still very positive so be aware because wealth can be created by focusing on medium to longer term and focusing on right stocks and our theory have done amazing job since last ten years to create mindboggling job.   

Our buying recommendations in precious metals did well, we recommended buying precious metals on late Wednesday and Thursday when gold was at $1900, same as we recommended in this week's newsletter.

This is how we predict in our weekly newsletter and that’s the reason our weekly newsletter is so popular in Wall-Street, small part of metal sections from weekly newsletter of 2-6 November 2020:

On Monday astro combinations are mix for precious so trading in and out in precious metals. For the base metals astro combinations are not very supportive so stay short in base metals. Stay sideline in mining stocks. (Precious metals closing positive will be great news)

On Tuesday still astro combinations are mix so trade in and out in precious metals, and stay away from base metals. Stay side in mining stocks. (Precious metals closing positive will be great news)

On Wednesday mix trading pattern is indicating but if precious metals closes positive on Monday and Tuesday will be good news for precious metals and we recommend taking long before the end of the day in metals and mining stocks. Though these first three days are not very supportive astro day but closing positive precious metals will be indications of prices moving back toward last month high.

Thursday astro combinations are positive so buying is recommended in precious metals, gold, silver and platinum can move huge move if they act contrary on Monday to Wednesday by breaking two weeks negative cycle. Stay sideline in base metals. 

Friday metals may move further higher, but book some profit on higher sides in precious metals. We are not recommending any buying in base metals. Hold long in JNUG and NUGT if you are buying on Wednesday.

There are possibility that gold heading toward $1978 and silver $25.75 on Thursday of this week. Platinum will follow gold and silver. Mining stocks could make huge move.

USD is at most crucial level and we will try to analyze in detail whether Dollar is collapsing in coming time or it will have 5% rally.

Daily cost of weekly newsletter, Flashnews and stock report is $15.00, if you can afford then must subscribe rather than looking for free letters and free predictions because one small trade will not only recover the cost of letter but it will guide you how and where to invest in the medium to longer term to create wealth.

Bind, Grains, energy and softs are trading as predicted.

Small part of Daily Stock report PDF FILE.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma