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Mars magic proven so accurate...this week investors done amazingly in following trades so focus on...

Dear Members,

On Monday S&P buying recommendations around 2200 has done very well with confirmations that it wont close below 2388 for three days with the higher side target for this week 2538 and 2621. I have been receiving many emails about appreciating our theory because the current time was very uncertain.

Buying recommendations in health care stocks, BA went from $90 to $180 in this week, FDX, and many stocks are on fire. This is just the beginning as we are targeting 5000 S&P which we already predicted this Monday to be achieved in 2021. We also predicted Coronavirus numbers will start dropping after 29th March, and also, we predicted that on 15th April the fear of Coronavirus will go away and the world will become normal place.

Beware about people those who are recommending shorts, Mars has done magic for USA market from 23rd March.

Great trades are coming in metals and currencies, it will be a lifetime opportunity to make money.

Oil came in our buying list from this week so watch this prediction. Grains and coffee are in our buying list.

One of our long-time followers and few member emails came to me this week, Many more emails showing so much, I don’t like to put all this as they look promoting things but I decided today to put these few emails because it motivate me to work hard.

Few email:


Luke S

Wed, Mar 25, 9:37 PM (11 hours ago)


to me

Mahendra - you are indeed one of the greatest astrologers forecasters of modern times. But I always try to give real credit where it's true, and I see the beginnings of your prophecy on COVID-19 already emerging. Amazing call!  


Luke Sterling  

Two sources confirming your call is beginning to emerge already


Luke S

AttachmentsMar 22, 2020, 4:20 PM (4 days ago)


to me

You are getting this call badly wrong. Your 2380 max fall on the S&P was blown out of the water in about half an hour last week. Monday morning set to plunge again. Multimillionaire parked up in Santa Barbara not feeling it yet.

M Mattera

Tue, Mar 24, 8:25 PM (2 days ago)


to me


Hope you are doing well and thanks for the free post to the world on your predictions that this pandemic will end sooner than expected, brings in some much needed hope.

Best Regards,



L Scott






Hi Mahendra,
Hope you are staying healthy and safe.
I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the update today.
It is reassuring to hear some positive news and that the world it is looking brighter in the coming days and weeks.
There is a ray of hope for humanity.
Thank-you so much for all your energy and commitment you provide to us.
Please stay safe and keep yourself and your family healthy.
We need you more than ever during these unprecedented times.




Sun, Mar 22, 5:36 AM (4 days ago)


to me

Dear Mahendra,

Thank you so much for looking into the origins and cure for COVID-19 and sharing your insights with us.  I am sure your prophecy will have a big impact on the world and buoy it up with hope.  I enjoy your astrological way of thinking and marvel at it!

Kind regards,



I really appreciate what people say; I don’t mind criticism, even Luke criticized me on the call of Cannabis stocks but that time is also changing now so get ready for Cannabis stocks.


Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma