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Mars just entered cancer and its impact on the market, metals, politicians, the middle east, Ukraine-Russia, and geopolitics...

Dear Book buyers,

Here is an important update as a new cycle for markets and metals is starting as mentioned in the book. I am just updating after doing more research. At this stage we see precious metals will dominate the positive trend and the market may witness both side volatility.

This is a small part of Thursday’s Flash news and was written for Book subscribers.   

Thursday’s Daily Flashnews (Unedited)

The first day of Mars changing in a house in Cancer indicates bad news for Bear…Google is ready to outperform APPLE and MSFT


Dear Members, 

On Wednesday the US Equity Market closed in the positive, and tech stocks roared, which is indicating that the Bears are in trouble at least for the next two weeks. It looks like Mars has taken the side of the bulls in the US market. European markets struggled, and in fact, closed in the red which is bad news. The same happened to the emerging markets which is also bad news. For at least the next two weeks Mars can support the US Market, once it closes above 8 degrees, and then we may start seeing different colors.

In our book, we clearly mentioned that powerful people with egos may get hit very badly and this applies to people like Trump, Modi, and Putin because I sense this in their attitude. If I am reading Mars correctly then they will face challenges during these 45 days. Yesterday Trump lost a sexual harassment case, Modi is about to lose one of the state elections, and bad news for Putin is on the way. Also during Mars in cancer, we all should remain humble, don't get angry otherwise negative part of Mars can get activated which can ruin our day. 

Many must be thinking, why I called Modi an ego person? In my term, he is a great leader for India but I sense a big ego in him, he should let his ego go and must become humble and he will be written down in the history book. But at this stage, next 45 days Mars will try to teach some lessons and planets always do as per my 41 years of astro study. 

We all see the war situation in the Middle East (Israel/Palestine) and Russia/Ukraine intensifying. We mentioned the same in the book.

I request my readers to remain very humble and keep doing charity during Mars in Cancer. Also trade humbly, don’t trade with ego. We need to believe whatever picture Mars is showing us. Today AMZN, GOOGLE, MSFT, and NVDA performed well which means that they will keep moving higher. TQQQ tested a new high of 2023, and it can keep moving higher.

Today metals traded negatively which was a bit surprising for me, but it was not a positive Astro day. Next week the Astro combinations are supportive and if precious and base metals fail to rise, then it could concerning news, but at this stage, we believe gold and silver will adopt a bullish trend from next week as per Mars in Cancer. Twisters may come in gold and silver. Overall metals time will be positive,

Surely Mars in Cancer may bring down the market toward the end of June, so we need to watch that closely.

On Wednesday base metals lost value, and grains and softs traded directionless. Energy prices traded directionless as well.

Currencies gained value, and the Thirty Year Bond recovered from the lows.

Mars is changing its house, and this is one of the most important changes of 2023, we are expecting geopolitical tensions which may bring some volatility in the markets. Also, towards the end of the cycle, we may see the most unpleasant incidents like accidents or natural disasters.

If S&P closes above 4178 and NASDAQ 13278, this will open the door for the market to gain at least 5% in the next ten days. So far, these indexes are struggling to close above these levels. For the last six months, I have been saying: We believe S&P won’t trade below 3903 and NASDAQ 11711 in 2023.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma