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Today's Trade & News

Markets and metals trading as predicted...Covid-19 stocks are on fire and here are few indian Covid-19 stocks to watch...

Dear Members,

This week so globally markets traded as predicted, we expected Tuesday and Thursday strong rally in USA market from lower side and we witnessed that happening. Monday also markets trade positive as predicted and Wednesday market went as predicted.

Friday also market can move higher, but we recommended booking profit in our weekly newsletter to book profit on higher sides.

This is small part from our weekly newsletter Index sections:

On Monday we see some volatility in the global markets. Avoid any buying.

On Tuesday some buying will come on the lower side, but make sure you book profits on the higher side levels, so follow our daily flash or daily trading ranges.

On Wednesday weakness will dominate the market. I am expecting some kind of negative news for investors, so avoid any buying on weakness or on falls in the market.

On Thursday, buy some aggressive positions on the lower side because the markets may rebound from the lower levels.

On Friday, book profits on the higher side levels, or close positions on the higher side.

Focus on gold and silver, but at this stage our Covid-19 recommended stocks provided huge profit to members. Look at stocks like INO, NVAX, TBIO, MRNA, VIR, CODX, VXRT, BNTX and many other. This week INO moved more than 100%, and in the last four months more than 1000%, many other also moved in the same directions. I still recommend holding long in Covid-19 stocks. We were one of the first to come out with list in the month of January 2020 as soon as Few cases started in China.

Six months back I recommended Indian Investors to move money in Pharma stocks, and there are few Indian company can play role in Covid-19 Vaccine are: Cadila, Piramal, Dr. Reddy, Biocon, Panacea Bio, Glaxo and very small Vaccine company Bharat Immu. In 2016, we recommended booking profit in Pharma stocks. Now from yearly this year we have been recommending investing 70% of portfolio in Pharma and 30% in the other sector. Follow our Indian market letter if you have exposure in Indian stocks.

Indian economy will face worst time in history in the late this year so be aware. Government may need major changes in portfolio’s holding and need robust policy by allowing smart brain to make decisions on economy rather than politicians making decisions on economy.

Stay long in market and higher side book profit, buy gold and silver around lower sides today. Most of financial market and USA stocks and etfs are performing as predicted so great time to make money on both sides. We are entering in to most interesting astro cycle from next week, so get ready for weekly newsletter.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma