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Today's Trade & News

Market will rebound on Thursday as predicted on Wednesday night...commodities will keep falling so stay away and many other trades are here...

Dear Members,

This is man (politicians and powerful people) made created panic in market, and great news that market is ready to bounce back and if I ma not wrong then they shall close in green even though there is so much issues out there related with Coronavirus and operations of normal world. We are all stuck at this stage under fear of Coronavirus.

Sun will changing house in this week so I won’t surprise at all if S&P goes back to 2800 to in the next ten days. 2900.

Avoid any commodities, they can fall further as predicted. Platinum is great buy, but avoid gold, and palladium.

Frontline Currencies (Euro, Pound, Australian dollar, Franc) can keep losing value but emerging market currencies will gain against USD in coming days.

Final note: If you have and trust my work then must buy stocks, indexes, buy call options to protect your risk. Healthcare stocks are gaining fast so watch these stocks closely. Frontline stocks will start gaining from here.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma