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Thursday: Market to recover big, energy may have big day, metals and currencies trend of Today and tomorrow...

Dear Members,

Bad job numbers, US Government is saying 100000 to 250000 could die under Pandemic which is creating panic in market. We already predicted that S&P won’t remain below 2388 level and I still hold this prediction. On higher side we recommended 2621 profit booking level in our weekly letter or S&P to struggle above this level, which we saw this week, market went there twice and came down.

Thursday, we recommended buying in market around lower sides, so don’t miss opportunity of buying.

On Friday also we are expecting positive day for USA market so don’t short markets, buy on lower side shall be your strategy, buy call options, buy GILD, DXCM, AMZN, NFLX. I am expecting GILD to come out with good news on Coronavirus drug.

In our weekly newsletter we recommended buying oil on Thursday and Friday as very powerful astro combinations for oil.

Higher side book profit in metals. Palladium will be great short.

Trade in and out in currencies by following our predicted daily ranges as they are working very well. Euro is in our selling list.

Wait for next week weekly newsletter if you are subscribers, if you are not then get your subscriptions.

European number will start dropping, and USA death rate will be 10% of what government predicted so great news is coming for world.

Our book price we are reducing from $525 to $411, so click here to buy:

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 6.30 AM